Monday, April 5, 2010

Shiny and new . . .

This little beauty was just three days old when I went with my bestie to the hospital to meet her and snap a few shots of her. The light in the hospital room was perfect and she slept soundly for us until we tried to get her naked :P Here is a few of my favorites . . .

Awesome newborn hats by Chugamugs Baby Wear

Graces . . .

263 : 365

1. Surviving a horrible Monday at work
2. Ordered some cute new sandals :)
3. Wedding referrals from my awesome past brides and grooms
4. No laundry in my laundry basket - I hate having laundry to do
5. A date with one of my favorite sitting charges coming up!

264 : 365

1. Finding some favorite candies from my childhood at the grocery store
2. It started raining this morning right after I walked in the building to work and it was done by the time I went to lunch :) I hate rain unless I can be cozy at home
3. New slip on Vans - I can barely reach the laces on my tie shoes :(
4. According to Babycenter my baby can now open his eyes :)
5. Joe talking to my belly <3 I know he's going to be the best daddy ever <3


Melissa said...

Oh Kristen!!!! I love them!!! What a cute baby! And the hats look GREAT on a newborn!!!! How sweet!

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