Friday, April 2, 2010

A few more!

Cuties from my minis that is :) I just finished up this set and am on to day one at Delthorne - thanks everyone for your patience!

Graces . . .

259 : 365

1. The return of Friday night dinners with the family :)
2. A nice visit with William's nana today
3. Coloring Easter eggs with Meggie
4. Watching the same Veggie Tales over and over again with Abby
5. Listening to Abby sing the Veggie Tales theme :P

260 : 365

1. Date night with my baby tomorrow <3
2. The launch of baby's new blog :) A place to document the going-ons of my little family <3
3. Shoe shopping with mom and the girls
4. Abby and her new Elmo Skechers
5. Sweet Factory - love that place - brought me back to my high school days today :)