Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drowning . . .

I'm drowning over here in spring mini pics - 20 sessions worth! I just started editing day one and am loving the images so far. Here is a sneak peek at two of my favorite kiddos - I have shot these guys a few times and will see them again in a few months :)

Graces . . .

253 : 365

1. My new blog!! Hopefully it will be live this weekend - don't have much time to work on it until then :)
2. Slip-on shoes - it's getting hard to bend over to tie my shoes :P
3. When someone thinks your idea is so cool they want to do it too - they say copying is the best form of flattery :D
4. Jersey Mike's - yummmy - found a new lunch spot today :)
5. Wrapping presents - I LOVE wrapping - and shopping of course!

254 : 365

1. Nearly booked until baby comes and two shoots for after!
2. Baby's new shades :P
3. Three weeks till our babymoon!!
4. Carter's coupons
5. Great customer service - it's hard to find these days!

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