Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

Well I unexpectedly have wireless internet in Mexico so I've been able to keep up with the outside world via email and Facebook and I can keep catching up on my blog posts :) This little cutie's mom warned me that she might be a tough one to catch smiling but lucky for me she loved playing in the leaves so I was able to get a few of her adorable smile - check out my faves . . .

Graces . . .

237 : 365

1. Technology in unexpected places :)
2. Playing hours of cards with Joe's grandpa
3. Vacations :)
4. So many of my regulars coming to spring minis! And lots of new clients too!
5. Manzana Lift

238 : 365

1. Dominos pizza for lunch today - getting a bit tired of tacos
2. Sleeping until I wake up on my own - no alarm clock!!
3. Two new pairs of maternity jeans waiting for me when I get home
4. Custom onesies for the baby from Lindsay waiting for me too - check her out and have her make something for you - she's awesome!!
5. Agua de fresa

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