Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Abby's new 'do :)

Well, after an eventful Saturday evening involving our flight getting delayed and getting stuck in an elevator amongst other things I am home and have been going non-stop the last two days. I had two shoots yesterday, lunch with my bestie, did four loads of laundry and had family dinner then it was back to work today. I have a couple of galleries that I finished in Mexico that need to be uploaded - the connection wasn't strong enough there to accommodate the large files - so if you're waiting on pics from before I left you should have them by tomorrow night :) Now to the title of my post . . . Abby's hair had been growing in a bit uneven so she went for a hair cut while I was gone and I just love it - it's so cute on her :) Here's a couple of pics . . .

And one of my Meggie who I can't believe just turned 10! Am I getting old or what?!

and some graces . . .

245 : 365

1. A wonderful vacation with the best boyfriend ever - I am so lucky <3
2. Back to work today - I am blessed to have a job to go to - especially with this little one on the way :)
3. Going back to Mexico in December so the baby can meet Joe's family!
4. Seeing my nieces for the first time in two weeks - love them <3
5. How cute Abby looks with her new haircut :)

246 : 365

1. Coming home to some awesome custom onesies from Lindsay - you're really missing out if you don't check her out :) Her work is going on canvases in baby's room as well :)
2. Getting a new phone this week
3. In N Out for lunch after ten days of tacos :P
4. Spring minis this weekend!
5. My dad and brothers made it back safely from Mexico (they were in a different part for a different reason this weekend)

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Melissa said...

Great photos from the past week of catching up! :) Wish we lived closer so I could get you to do family portraits for us!

Yay for being home and for having had a nice vacation. We gonna see pics from the vacation here as well? Also, yay for having a name for the baby, and good for you for keeping it a secret. We always did, and it was kinda nice to keep something a surprise for everyone. :)

Have fun with your photo shoots this week!