Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I just got home from an awesome Valentine's date with my love and wanted to share a pic of my gorgeous Valentine's roses:

and some graces . . .

220 : 365

1. Homemade cards
2. Feeling the baby move during the movie :)
3. Home dopplers - I love hearing baby's heartbeat whenever I want
4. Ultrasound on Wednesday!
5. My growing belly - baby boy is getting big and strong

221 : 365

1. Picked out the cutest bedding :)
2. Hours of research to find the safest and best gear for the little guy
3. Yoga tomorrow!
4. All of Abby's new words - Gammaw is my favorite :) She says Auntie now too :)
5. Seeing daddys interacting with their baby's and knowing that my baby will have the best and most loving daddy ever <3

222 : 365

1. Valentine's day presents from mom :)
2. Saltwater taffy from Knott's!
3. A fun evening with two of my favorite sitting charges
4. A shoot at the beach with an adorable one year old
5. The book Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields

223 : 365

1. Meggie is turning ten in a week - I can't believe how the time flies!
2. Afternoon naps
3. It's the year of the tiger - can't wait to meet our little tiger in July :)
4. Sugar Babies
5. Spending the perfect day with the best boyfriend on the planet <3

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