Friday, February 5, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

Yet another of my fave families with two of the cutest little guys - LOVE their red door . . .

Graces . . .

218 : 365

1. An awesome Friday off spend with my baby - brunch, a double feature and a sushi dinner (minus the raw fish for me!) :)
2. Shooting a wedding with Joe in San Diego tomorrow <3
3. Bought the baby his first outfits the other day - they were too cute to pass up!
4. Books that are better than the movies - Dear John is a perfect example
5. A great episode of Grey's Anatomy

219 : 365

1. Spring minis are completely booked!!
2. A blog stalker in Palos Verdes who loves my blog so much that they visit every day :P
3. A new blog coming soon and some changes to Kaptured by Kristen :)
4. A bag of new maternity clothes from Mom's trips to the outlets this week!
5. Super Bowl Sunday = girls day while the boys are at their party :)

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erica adams said...

great job!! what a cute family