Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adorable family :)

I know I'm skipping around a bit but I just finished editing this session from the end of January and I had to share some of my favorites of this gorgeous family. Their two kiddos were just the cutest . . .

And one of the kids in their holiday outfits :)

And some graces . . .

228 : 365

1. 20 weeks pregnant today!! Halfway there - can't wait to meet this little guy :)
2. Day two of my spring minis is nearly booked!
3. "Complaint Free Relationships" by Will Bowen - great book
4. A great deal on ad space in the Daily Breeze :)
5. Lunch with one of my favorite people on Saturday :)

229 : 365

1. Shooting in a great new location in Orange County on Saturday
2. A pieced together lunch from three different places because my pregnant mind can't figure out what I want to eat :P
3. Shooting an awesome event for a great cause on Sunday :)
4. Three day work week next week
5. Cord blood banking

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