Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding bells . . .

So I promised I'd share a few pics from the wedding I shot that is going to be featured in the Daily Breeze in March :) Here are just a few of my favorites - you'll have to pick up a copy to see more :)

and some graces . . .

230 : 365

1. Celebrating Grandma's birthday with the fam :)
2. Leaving for Mexico this week!!
3. Powered through a monster pile of laundry this weekend!
4. Gauchos from Old Navy - so comfy even with my expanding waistline :P
5. A super cute shirt for baby from his Godmother to be :)

231 : 365

1. My gorgeous, loving, funny, talented, brilliant, thoughtful caring boyfriend <3
2. That I know said boyfriend will be the best daddy ever to our little guy
3. Finally seeing Shutter Island on the third try
4. Road trips with my bestie to shoot two day old bebe girls :)
5. A huge turnout at the Change for Chad tournament today - it's so nice to see so many people come together for a great cause!

232 : 365

1. Watching my dad try to keep up with Abby as she runs full-speed down the block
2. Jon's Donuts :)
3. Tomorrow is March - four and a half months to go!!
4. Got a huge print order from the lab :)
5. How much Josh reminds me of my Grandpa Stan - all of the same ideas and rantings :P

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adorable family :)

I know I'm skipping around a bit but I just finished editing this session from the end of January and I had to share some of my favorites of this gorgeous family. Their two kiddos were just the cutest . . .

And one of the kids in their holiday outfits :)

And some graces . . .

228 : 365

1. 20 weeks pregnant today!! Halfway there - can't wait to meet this little guy :)
2. Day two of my spring minis is nearly booked!
3. "Complaint Free Relationships" by Will Bowen - great book
4. A great deal on ad space in the Daily Breeze :)
5. Lunch with one of my favorite people on Saturday :)

229 : 365

1. Shooting in a great new location in Orange County on Saturday
2. A pieced together lunch from three different places because my pregnant mind can't figure out what I want to eat :P
3. Shooting an awesome event for a great cause on Sunday :)
4. Three day work week next week
5. Cord blood banking

Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

I promise I will share some images from my wedding that will be featured soon but first . . . remember this little beauty?? Well here she is now at six months - gorgeous as ever and sitting up like a pro :)

and some graces . . .

226 : 365

1. My beautiful niece Megan turned 10 yesterday - I can't believe how the time flies!
2. See's Little Pops :)
3. Girl Scout cookies are here!! Baby boy has been waiting for his Tagalongs and Samoas :)
4. Super cute baby gifts from my clients :)
5. Bags full of maternity clothes from my clients :)

227 : 365

1. Placed a huge print order tonight - I love getting boxes from the lab
2. My baby has a big meeting tomorrow to pitch an idea for his screenplay :)
3. Dinner with my bestie at Joe's work - yummmmm
4. Surprising my baby at work :)
5. Ordered some super cute maternity jeans from Old Navy :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

I was looking through some pics last night and realized I never posted these two cuties . . .

Graces . . .

224 : 365

1. A successful second trimester ultrasound - baby boy is healthy and growing right on target :)
2. One of my weddings is being featured in the Daily Breeze!! I will share some pics this weekend :)
3. A belly full of sushi after date night with my baby <3
4. A fun model shoot today!
5. That the rain waited until after my shoot to start :)

225 : 365

1. Meeting a gorgeous newborn tomorrow :)
2. Finally big enough to fit in my maternity clothes - starting to look pregnant and not just fat :P
3. Watching Invention of Lying in bed with my baby <3
4. Flights are booked for our trip to Mexico - ten days visiting Joe's family :)
5. Hotel room is reserved for our babymoon in April - can't wait!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I just got home from an awesome Valentine's date with my love and wanted to share a pic of my gorgeous Valentine's roses:

and some graces . . .

220 : 365

1. Homemade cards
2. Feeling the baby move during the movie :)
3. Home dopplers - I love hearing baby's heartbeat whenever I want
4. Ultrasound on Wednesday!
5. My growing belly - baby boy is getting big and strong

221 : 365

1. Picked out the cutest bedding :)
2. Hours of research to find the safest and best gear for the little guy
3. Yoga tomorrow!
4. All of Abby's new words - Gammaw is my favorite :) She says Auntie now too :)
5. Seeing daddys interacting with their baby's and knowing that my baby will have the best and most loving daddy ever <3

222 : 365

1. Valentine's day presents from mom :)
2. Saltwater taffy from Knott's!
3. A fun evening with two of my favorite sitting charges
4. A shoot at the beach with an adorable one year old
5. The book Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields

223 : 365

1. Meggie is turning ten in a week - I can't believe how the time flies!
2. Afternoon naps
3. It's the year of the tiger - can't wait to meet our little tiger in July :)
4. Sugar Babies
5. Spending the perfect day with the best boyfriend on the planet <3

Friday, February 5, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

Yet another of my fave families with two of the cutest little guys - LOVE their red door . . .

Graces . . .

218 : 365

1. An awesome Friday off spend with my baby - brunch, a double feature and a sushi dinner (minus the raw fish for me!) :)
2. Shooting a wedding with Joe in San Diego tomorrow <3
3. Bought the baby his first outfits the other day - they were too cute to pass up!
4. Books that are better than the movies - Dear John is a perfect example
5. A great episode of Grey's Anatomy

219 : 365

1. Spring minis are completely booked!!
2. A blog stalker in Palos Verdes who loves my blog so much that they visit every day :P
3. A new blog coming soon and some changes to Kaptured by Kristen :)
4. A bag of new maternity clothes from Mom's trips to the outlets this week!
5. Super Bowl Sunday = girls day while the boys are at their party :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My girls . . .

Yesterday Abby found a bubble machine that I had had in my trunk for photo shoots and never used and insisted that my dad get it out for her. Since he can't say no to his granddaughters we were out on the driveway in the dark last night playing bubbles. Abby got the biggest kick out of it though . . .

And one of my Meggie just because I can't post one and not the other :)

Graces . . .

217 : 365

1. Corner Bakery has caffeine free Diet Coke in it's fountain sodas!!
2. Getting through a really rough billing day
3. Coming home to an unexpected visit from Megan and Abby <3
4. Tuna on toast on Wednesday - yummmm :)
5. Two different kinds of cereal for dinner - the baby and I couldn't agree :P