Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

Looking back through my holiday sessions - more than three quarters of them were repeat customers - that is awesome :) Here is another of my favorite families with two of the cutest boys . . .

Graces . . .

215 : 365

1. Abby and the bubble machine - pictures to come :)
2. Hearing Meg and Abby chasing each other around laughing - the best sound ever
3. Abby walking around with one of my dad's books - looking like she's reading it except it's upside down :P
4. First Target trip in the new car :)
5. A fun shoot today with a super cute family

216 : 365

1. Four day work week this week - don't know why but my five day work weeks seem sooooo much longer :P
2. Played Bunco for the first time with an awesome group of girls - super fun!
3. How cute Abby looks in her Chugamug hat - even though she won't wear it long enough for me to take a picture :(
4. The Happines Project by Gretchen Rubin
5. Finally starting to look pregnant and not just fat :P

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