Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

I know, I know - I missed a day already. I had to be at work super early today so I could leave early so I crashed last night after the gym. I have started working out for a healthier pregnancy :)

Now I'll go back in time to my holiday shoots and share some of my favorites from each session. The family I am posting today are regular clients of mine and have referred tons of people to me :) and their little girl is just the cutest . . .

Graces . . .

210 : 365

1. Tomorrow is Friday!
2. Meeting the new addition to a clients family very soon!
3. My shipment of Chugamugs Baby Wear hats is on it's way :)
4. Heard baby's heartbeat today - nice and strong :)
5. All but one of my 13 spring mini sessions is booked!

211 : 365

1. Grey's Anatomy is back from holiday hiatus!
2. Dad surprised us by coming home a day early :)
3. Back to billing next week - work has been sloooooooooow with the system down the last two weeks.
4. My new 1 TB My Book - filled up two others already
5. Shot two gorgeous weddings this month - two more coming up in March!

212 : 365

1. Planning a babymoon in April :)
2. Mexico in March to see Joe's fam!!
3. Six months till my maternity leave - I'm counting down!
4. Gym time with the bestie <3
5. New props for my upcoming newborn shoot :)

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