Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

Looking back through my holiday sessions - more than three quarters of them were repeat customers - that is awesome :) Here is another of my favorite families with two of the cutest boys . . .

Graces . . .

215 : 365

1. Abby and the bubble machine - pictures to come :)
2. Hearing Meg and Abby chasing each other around laughing - the best sound ever
3. Abby walking around with one of my dad's books - looking like she's reading it except it's upside down :P
4. First Target trip in the new car :)
5. A fun shoot today with a super cute family

216 : 365

1. Four day work week this week - don't know why but my five day work weeks seem sooooo much longer :P
2. Played Bunco for the first time with an awesome group of girls - super fun!
3. How cute Abby looks in her Chugamug hat - even though she won't wear it long enough for me to take a picture :(
4. The Happines Project by Gretchen Rubin
5. Finally starting to look pregnant and not just fat :P

Catching up cont . . .

I'm back with another holiday shoot with another of my favorite families - I love repeat clients :) We headed down to the pier to get some shots of this adorable little girls first time in the sand - check out some of my favorites . . .

Graces . . .

213 : 365

1. Got a brand new car today - bigger and safer for all of the precious cargo I carry and will carry soon :)
2. Dinner at BJ's with mom and Joe :)
3. Saw VI - love scary movies!
4. Sleeping in tomorrow!
5. Meggie making it to the spelling bee at school - she's so smart!!

214 : 365

1. All of Abby's new words - she's talking so much now!
2. A nice visit with friends
3. Getting cute cards in the mail from family and friends
4. Finding my Pinkberry gc from Christmas that I thought was lost while cleaning out my old car - yummmm
5. Baskin Robbins Mint Chip :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching up cont . . .

I know, I know - I missed a day already. I had to be at work super early today so I could leave early so I crashed last night after the gym. I have started working out for a healthier pregnancy :)

Now I'll go back in time to my holiday shoots and share some of my favorites from each session. The family I am posting today are regular clients of mine and have referred tons of people to me :) and their little girl is just the cutest . . .

Graces . . .

210 : 365

1. Tomorrow is Friday!
2. Meeting the new addition to a clients family very soon!
3. My shipment of Chugamugs Baby Wear hats is on it's way :)
4. Heard baby's heartbeat today - nice and strong :)
5. All but one of my 13 spring mini sessions is booked!

211 : 365

1. Grey's Anatomy is back from holiday hiatus!
2. Dad surprised us by coming home a day early :)
3. Back to billing next week - work has been sloooooooooow with the system down the last two weeks.
4. My new 1 TB My Book - filled up two others already
5. Shot two gorgeous weddings this month - two more coming up in March!

212 : 365

1. Planning a babymoon in April :)
2. Mexico in March to see Joe's fam!!
3. Six months till my maternity leave - I'm counting down!
4. Gym time with the bestie <3
5. New props for my upcoming newborn shoot :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catch up . . .

Well I finally finished editing my last shoot from 2009 last night and thought it was about time I started posting some of the shoots that kept me so busy the last few months. But first I have to share a few from a more recent shoot - remember this little guy? Well check him out now!

Six months old and showing off his teeth and sitting skills! He is one of my baby planners and just gets cuter every time I see him :)

And now for some graces!!

207 : 365

1. It's a boy!!! I have always wanted boys and of course Joe was hoping for a boy so we are both thrilled that we will be welcoming a son come July :)
2. Parent's that are always there to help out - no matter how old I am
3. Typing 60 wpm with 100% accuracy :) That Catholic school education did pay off :P
4. Finally catching up on my pics from 2009
5. No more morning sickness :)

208 : 365

1. Getting some really cute maternity clothes for Christmas - not quite big enough for them yet but pretty soon!
2. Two of my friends are pregnant at the same time and our due dates are close - we can go to Stroller Strides together :)
3. Starting prenatal yoga classes on Monday
4. Awesome photo clients who have offered me maternity clothes, help with my nursery, baby-sitting and lots of other help!
5. Some custom artwork for the nursery by my favorite artist Lindsay Heinzen - check her out and have her draw something awesome for you!

209 : 365

1. 4D ultrasounds - super cool!
2. Coffee with my bestie <3
3. Seeing two movies with my baby <3
4. The Blind Side - GREAT movie!
5. RA Sushi - no I'm not eating raw fish - just cucumber rolls and edamame :)

Lots more sessions to come - I'm going to post one a day until I'm caught up with my blogging and graces :)