Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One year . . .

Monday, October 26th marked one year since the passing of my Grandpa Stan and more than a year since I have pulled in the driveway on Sunday and saw this . . .

the passage of time has not made my loss any easier, has not made the missing diminish, has not stopped the random tears when I hear something or see something that reminds me of this great man that used to be a part of my every day and is now just a memory. In fact, the passage of time has only made me sad to know what he has missed - how much Megan and Abby have grown since he's been gone, how many holidays he would have complained about being at but I secretly knew he enjoyed. How he doesn't know that I don't live at home anymore and how he won't walk down the aisle at my wedding or be at the birthday parties for my kids. No, the passage of time hasn't helped at all - it's only made the missing worse and the sadness more profound.

Monday night my family and I went to the Grinder for dinner in honor of my Grandpa - he used to go there every day and read his paper and have coffee. It helped a bit to be with the people I love in a place that he loved spending time. I hope we continue the tradition always.

I miss you Grandpa <3

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