Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just gorgeous . . .

I met up with this family while they were vactioning in Seal Beach at the end of the summer - I nearly forgot to post their pics since it was one of the last sessions I edited on my laptop - what a shame that would have been. Here are a few of my favorites from this fun shoot :)

Graces . . .

189 : 365

1. Put the deposit on our new house today :) Moving in a couple of weeks!
2. Couples Retreat - great movie!!
3. Date night with my baby :)
4. Dinner at moms - yummy!!!
5. Fresh oil in my car as of this afternoon

190 : 365

1. Four brand new tires - also as of this afternoon
2. A mom and dad I can always count on
3. A wonderful, loving supportive boyfriend <3
4. Fruity flavored kisses from my baby :)
5. Colgate Wisps

191 : 365

1. Two Snap-on brothers who know the shops that will give me the most honest quote and best deal
2. A playdate with two of my favorite girls tomorrow
3. Going to Target and actually remembering what I went for . . . after forgetting it last night :P
4. Mom playing with her new ipod touch :P
5. First Halloween shoot today - an adorable monkey and super cute Thomas the Train :)

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