Thursday, October 8, 2009

End of summer fun :)

I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous family the day before school started for some end of the summer fun at the beach. Adorable twin boys, a beautiful little girl and loving parents make for lots of great pics - here are some of my favorites:


179 : 365

1. Catching up on my graces!
2. Going through my goodies from Get Tha Funk Out and finding all sorts of gift certificates and coupons for awesome stuff!
3. A new adorable knit hat to try at my newborn shoot Sunday :)
4. Saw one of my newborn clients today - he's three months old now! Time flies!
5. Made some announcements about packages and policies :)

180 : 365

1. Wonderful thank you emails from clients - I love my job :)
2. Heater weather :)
3. Talked to an old friend today . . . always great to catch up
4. Friends who do what they say they are going to :)
5. Abby and Papa watching tv together in his chair <3

181 : 365

1. Abby asking for "wow wow please" :)
2. Megan becoming an awesome soccer player - pics to come!
3. Megan, Joe and I playing games at the fiesta and winning about 10 new stuffed animals for her collection - on top of the 10 she won with Uncle Josh about an hour before
4. An email from mom with "whazup" in the title - I nearly peed my pants laughing!
5. Starbucks editing sessions with my bestie :)

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erica adams said...

Looks so good! WOW...WOW...WOW..... :)