Friday, October 30, 2009

Another gorgeous family :)

I met up with this adorable family at the park a couple of weeks ago - the kids did great with a little candy bar bribing and we got lots of cute shots :) Here are a couple of my favorites :)

After the shoot I found out that the mom has known my older brother for years - the south bay really is a small place :)

Graces . . .

201 : 365

1. Dinner at the Grinder to celebrate a wonderful man . . . my grandpa
2. Spending a difficult day with the people you love - makes it a bit easier
3. Megan and Abby - they ALWAYS cheer me up <3
4. Coming home to a HUGE print order from the lab on my doorstep :)
5. Watching Grey's with mom and Joe

202 : 365

1. That I'm feeling better today - have a busy weekend ahead!!
2. That I finally caught up on all of my personal pics and got them sent out to the fam
3. The two adorable chairs I bought today - gonna try them out at my shoot tomorrow :)
4. Friday's off
5. Ikea with Katie :)

I should be just about caught up on my graces by now - I'll have to go back and count :)

Just a note . . . there will be some changes to my pricing in the new year - stay tuned for more info!

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