Thursday, September 3, 2009

Even more sandy fun . . .

I met up with these adorable twins and their parents in Redondo a couple of weeks ago to capture some fun moments in the sand. Here are a few of my favorites:

and a few graces:

149 : 365

1. My awesome boyfriend who bought me an awesome new computer tonight - I am now editing pics on a way faster computer with way more memory and a 23 inch 1080p HD monitor :)
2. My editing time will be cut in half
3. Free upgrades to Windows 7 - not really liking Vista too much
4. Seeing Abby's adorable face in 23 in HD :)
5. Selling lots of disks from the reunion I shot in Santa Barbara - what a fun crowd!

150 : 365

1. Shooting an awesome event for a great cause
2. The people who planned and executed said event
3. A GREAT turnout at the event - so nice to see people come together to support someone they love
4. My Jason Orpe MOJO Fest t-shirt :)
5. The shoot I donated auctioning for a great price! :)

151 : 365

1. My parent's birthdays are coming up - love celebrating my two favorite people!
2. Dad's who race over to fix whatever is wrong within an hour of receiving my call
3. Afternoon breezes
4. Coffee dates
5. Friends who do what they say they're going to do :)

Two more beach shoots, some bebes, some gorgeous families, another set of twins and a couple weddings coming up!

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