Saturday, September 19, 2009

Double the fun :)

I am so behind on posting sessions and graces I figured I'd post another one tonight in an attempt to catch up :) Thank you to all of my clients who have been waiting patiently for their pics - my new computer is helping drastically as it is much faster than my laptop was - I will be caught up in no time :) I met up with these adorable one year old twins a few weeks ago - at first they weren't too sure about me but we ended up getting lots of smiles and laughs out of them by the end of the shoot - here are a few of my faves:

and some more graces . . .

164 : 365

1. Celebrating the birth of the number one lady in my life . . . mom <3
2. Going to see one of my two favorite girls play soccer tomorrow - and of course taking pics!
3. Back to school sales - I'm not in school but I LOVE buying school supplies - notebooks, highlighters, sticky notes, planners - LOVE it all :)
4. Boring poor True to sleep during lunch with my bestie :P
5. Receiving a huge order of awesome pics from my lab :)

165 : 365

1. Gorgeous 3 month old baby girls :)
2. New blog followers
3. Aaron joining Facebook :P
4. Lay-flat press books from WHCC
5. TONS of new towels to replace my ruined ones

166 : 365

1. A little over a month until my favorite time of year begins
2. Almost time for fiesta
3. New wedding connections
4. Anniversary roses
5. All About Steve - funny in a stupid kinda way :P

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