Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Balboa fun. . .

I met up with this family in Balboa park - a new location for me and it was just gorgeous. Their little girl was such a ham and we had fun capturing a few CA memories before they move out of state in a week or so. Here are a few of my favorites:

and some graces . . .

167 : 365

1. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - cute movie :)
2. Fiesta coming up this weekend!
3. Watching Meggie play soccer
4. Joe filming Meg's game in HD :P
5. Meg saying she's playing her best because Joe is at her game :)

168 : 365

1. Two of my favorite sitting charges are talking and potty-training - they grow up so fast!
2. Melissa and Doug puzzles
3. Putting on a successful birthday dinner for my mommy
4. Phoenix this weekend to shoot a friend's wedding!
5. Roadtrip with Grandma :P

169 : 365

1. Abby giving Shadow hugs
2. Wipeout marathons at William and Katies!
3. Chili's triple dipper
4. Fall flavors are back at Starbuck's and Coffee Bean!!!
5. Trying new shoot locations with friends

170 : 365

1. Seeing my pic's framed on the walls at client's houses
2. Ordered my Gina Lee pics :)
3. Less than three months till my favorite holiday - CHRISTMAS!!!
4. Slightly cooler weather this week
5. Honeybaked

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Double the fun :)

I am so behind on posting sessions and graces I figured I'd post another one tonight in an attempt to catch up :) Thank you to all of my clients who have been waiting patiently for their pics - my new computer is helping drastically as it is much faster than my laptop was - I will be caught up in no time :) I met up with these adorable one year old twins a few weeks ago - at first they weren't too sure about me but we ended up getting lots of smiles and laughs out of them by the end of the shoot - here are a few of my faves:

and some more graces . . .

164 : 365

1. Celebrating the birth of the number one lady in my life . . . mom <3
2. Going to see one of my two favorite girls play soccer tomorrow - and of course taking pics!
3. Back to school sales - I'm not in school but I LOVE buying school supplies - notebooks, highlighters, sticky notes, planners - LOVE it all :)
4. Boring poor True to sleep during lunch with my bestie :P
5. Receiving a huge order of awesome pics from my lab :)

165 : 365

1. Gorgeous 3 month old baby girls :)
2. New blog followers
3. Aaron joining Facebook :P
4. Lay-flat press books from WHCC
5. TONS of new towels to replace my ruined ones

166 : 365

1. A little over a month until my favorite time of year begins
2. Almost time for fiesta
3. New wedding connections
4. Anniversary roses
5. All About Steve - funny in a stupid kinda way :P

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another brand new baby girl . . .

I had the pleasure of meeting this little gal and her family a couple of weeks ago - she was just darling and let me pose her however I wanted :) Here are a couple of my favorites:

Graces . . .

160 : 365

1. 23 new funky photog pals :)
2. An awesome weekend in Balboa
3. Lots of new portfolio images
4. Tons of free photo goodies and discounts
5. New advertising ideas

161 : 365

1. New business cards with my new logo
2. New packaging for my disks and prints
3. Seniors!
4. New pricing
5. Encouragement from four awesome mentors!!

162 : 365

1. Cookies shaped like cameras and CF cards :P
2. Boxes full of goodies
3. Lunch on the sand
4. Learning new photoshop tricks
5. New Totally Rad actions and textures

163 : 365

1. Neck and back massages
2. My awesome Get Tha Funk Out t-shirt :)
3. Early Christmas presents
4. Two truths and a lie
5. Leaving Balboa inspired and ready to take my business to a new level :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Get Tha Funk Out . . . Seniors!

This weekend I am attending the most awesome photography workshop ever and have learned a ton so far. Today we had a shoot with a great group of seniors and even though I'm about to fall over tired I had to stay up and edit a few to share :)

We also shot a family, kids and an engagement session so stay tuned for more :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 9: Brand new baby girl :)

I had the pleasure of meeting this little sweetie when she was just 9 days old. She was the perfect little model - hardly crying and falling asleep for a bit so I could get some snuggly, sleepy pics. Here are a few of my favorites:


156 : 365

1. Moms and Dads who save the day
2. Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo by Catwalk
3. Bathtubs full of sand after a super fun beach shoot!
4. Opening my freezer and seeing Otter pops and chicken nuggets and opening my closet and seeing puzzles, crayons, Uno and movies - all of my nieces favorite things so they can come visit anytime :)
5. Clean sheet night :)

157 : 365

1. Being nearly booked for the rest of the year - only have about 4 more openings!
2. Joe and my anniversary tomorrow <3
3. Second shooting for an awesome wedding photog :)
4. Three days till the most awesome photography workshop ever - can't wait!!
5. Flexible clients

158 : 365

1. "Borrowing" another photog's prop at the beach ;)
2. Catching up on my Graces and sneak peeks!
3. Air conditioning
4. Slightly cooler day today
5. Remembering I have a new pair of Vans in the closet from my birthday last year that I haven't worn yet :)

159 : 365

1. Going to get a new desk for my new computer - my new workspace will greatly improve my productivity :)
2. A gift from another photog - a totally awesome print of the Hermosa pier at sunset - already matted and ready to frame :)
3. Understanding, loving, forgiving boyfriends :)
4. A date to play choo choos with my True :)
5. Meeting a potential bride and groom :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Another fun family at the beach . . .

I'm just about caught up on my beachy shoots - I met up with this super fun family a few weeks ago in Hermosa and had a great time capturing some fun shots. Here are a few of my favorites:

some graces . . .

152 : 365

1. Family poker nights
2. Iced tea
3. Labor day sales at the outlets
4. Last lake day of the season
5. Celebrating the birthday of the number one man in my life . . . dad

153 : 365

1. Homegoods
2. New props
3. Swapping sessions with awesome photogs
4. Only one more time slot left for my Halloween minis
5. The sessions I donated auctioning for wayyy more than I expected :)

154 : 365

1. Shoots with adorable brothers
2. Clients who bring their own props
3. Shooting an awesome event to raise money for some incredible people
4. Seeing some of my clients come out to support said event
5. Shoots in Griffith park

155 : 365

1. Finding the chair I've been looking everywhere for
2. Getting something off my chest that I've been carrying around for a long time
3. Dreams about my Grandpa - I miss him soooooo much
4. Hugs from Abby
5. Maple Brown Sugar Mini-Wheats

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Even more sandy fun . . .

I met up with these adorable twins and their parents in Redondo a couple of weeks ago to capture some fun moments in the sand. Here are a few of my favorites:

and a few graces:

149 : 365

1. My awesome boyfriend who bought me an awesome new computer tonight - I am now editing pics on a way faster computer with way more memory and a 23 inch 1080p HD monitor :)
2. My editing time will be cut in half
3. Free upgrades to Windows 7 - not really liking Vista too much
4. Seeing Abby's adorable face in 23 in HD :)
5. Selling lots of disks from the reunion I shot in Santa Barbara - what a fun crowd!

150 : 365

1. Shooting an awesome event for a great cause
2. The people who planned and executed said event
3. A GREAT turnout at the event - so nice to see people come together to support someone they love
4. My Jason Orpe MOJO Fest t-shirt :)
5. The shoot I donated auctioning for a great price! :)

151 : 365

1. My parent's birthdays are coming up - love celebrating my two favorite people!
2. Dad's who race over to fix whatever is wrong within an hour of receiving my call
3. Afternoon breezes
4. Coffee dates
5. Friends who do what they say they're going to do :)

Two more beach shoots, some bebes, some gorgeous families, another set of twins and a couple weddings coming up!