Monday, August 24, 2009

Tons of beachy fun!!

Well hello my sad little neglected blog :( As of today I have 24 days worth of graces to post and about 12 client sessions. The next couple that I will be posting just happen to all be beach shoots - different days, different beaches but sandy fun all the same. I met up with this family a couple weeks ago in Redondo and we got REALLY wet trying to capture a great family pic :) Aren't these two little girls the cutest?

some graces:

139 : 365

1. Efficient payroll departments
2. Very helpful benefits people
3. Finding the lens cap I thought I lost and was about to replace
4. Tiny, newborn baby girls
5. Adorable 11 month old brothers

140 : 365

1. Mini sessions in Balboa park :P
2. Super fun 4 year old girls
3. Said 4 year old girl standing behind me making faces at her parents to make them smile while I'm shooting :P
4. Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng - thanks Erica!!
5. The dollar bins at Target - also curtosy of Erica :P Lots of cool stickers for Abby and Hannah Montana/High School Musical stuff for Meg

141: 365

1. Feeding the ducks with Abby
2. Naps on the couch
3. Julie and Julia - cute movie :)
4. Movie dates with my bestest new friend!!
5. Anywhere with Erica and True - always a fun time!!

142 : 365

1. The passing of time - doesn't heal all wounds but does help ease the pain
2. Adorable poodle parties :)
3. Any time spent with family
4. Abby's new words
5. Megan's excitement over her new Pixos :)

I will catch up on my graces a few a day and will be posting tons of pics in the next couple of days so stay tuned!!


erica adams said...

looks beautiful

Alison said...

Too cute!

Ty Bebe said...

These pics are great! Love the 1st one!