Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New . . .

New bebe that is! And what a cutie he is!! I'm sure his mom and dad have been anxiously awaiting their sneak all day as I've been trying to post this for hours - technology has not been my friend today - my blackberry keeps crashing, yahoo wouldn't let me send an email for hours and my photo sharing program is having issues - argh!!! Since it's way past my bedtime I will update my graces tomorrow and just share a few pics of this gorgeous little guy tonight :)

Wonder where he gets his good looks?? Wonder no more - he's got a great looking set of parents :)

Only four weeks old and look at him hold his head up - he was so strong!!


Ty Bebe said...

I love the family shot! The dog is cute too:)

Amy said...

OMG....he is toooo cute. The pictures are beautiful!