Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More sandy fun . . .

This family came all the way from Bakersfield to see me :) Well not really but they took time out of their family vacation to book a shoot with me and drove an hour to get to the shoot which still makes me feel pretty darn special :) Here are a few of my favorites from our evening in Manhattan Beach:

146 : 365

1. Keeping up with my blogging three days in a row
2. Having a network of photog friends to shoot with and bounce ideas off of
3. Date nights with my baby
4. Gorgeous newborn models and their awesome parents :)
5. Seeing an old friend from middle school soon!

147 : 365

1. My lamp is fixed :)
2. Picked out my new computer :)
3. One of my besties is graduating from college in a month!
4. One month till my favorite time of year begins
5. Two weeks till my anniversary with Joe <3

148 : 365

1. Shooting with one of my favorite photogs
2. Remembering that I lent my point and shoot to mom and it is not in fact lost like I thought it was :P
3. That Abby gets upset when I leave - I'm so sad when she cries but I love that she loves me :)
4. Outlet shopping with Katie :)
5. The adorable photo album Meggie gave my parents of pics of her in Hawaii - looks like she had a blast!! My nieces are so beautiful - I am blessed :)

Halloween minis are almost completely booked - only a few more spots. Email me today to reserve yours!!

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