Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More sandy fun . . .

This family came all the way from Bakersfield to see me :) Well not really but they took time out of their family vacation to book a shoot with me and drove an hour to get to the shoot which still makes me feel pretty darn special :) Here are a few of my favorites from our evening in Manhattan Beach:

146 : 365

1. Keeping up with my blogging three days in a row
2. Having a network of photog friends to shoot with and bounce ideas off of
3. Date nights with my baby
4. Gorgeous newborn models and their awesome parents :)
5. Seeing an old friend from middle school soon!

147 : 365

1. My lamp is fixed :)
2. Picked out my new computer :)
3. One of my besties is graduating from college in a month!
4. One month till my favorite time of year begins
5. Two weeks till my anniversary with Joe <3

148 : 365

1. Shooting with one of my favorite photogs
2. Remembering that I lent my point and shoot to mom and it is not in fact lost like I thought it was :P
3. That Abby gets upset when I leave - I'm so sad when she cries but I love that she loves me :)
4. Outlet shopping with Katie :)
5. The adorable photo album Meggie gave my parents of pics of her in Hawaii - looks like she had a blast!! My nieces are so beautiful - I am blessed :)

Halloween minis are almost completely booked - only a few more spots. Email me today to reserve yours!!

Sisters at the beach . . .

So in continuing with my beachy theme - here are a few of my favorites from a Seal Beach session with two adorable sisters:

and some more graces:

143 : 365

1. A great response to my Halloween minis - announcement below :)
2. Seeing how much my repeat clients have changed since I last saw them
3. Booking an awesome wedding in Phoenix in October :)
4. Botanical gardens
5. Pomegranate raspberry red tea from Snapple

144 : 365

1. G-Force
2. Going to check on Shadow and finding out she had a "party" while everyone was gone :P
3. Two more newborn sessions coming up - love brand new bebes :)
4. People who plan awesome events that benefit really great people in need
5. Change for Chad - visit the site and do what you can to help - I will be at the event on Sept 4th - special session discount to anyone that comes out or donates!

145 : 365

1. Friends of Jason Orpe - visit this site as well and do what you can to help - I will be shooting the event this Saturday - hope to see you there - special session discount to anyone that comes out!
2. Shooting fun high school reunions in beautiful Santa Barbara
3. Incoming print orders on Zenfolio :)
4. Catching up on sleep
5. Nailing exposure in camera :)

And an announcement :)

Kaptured by Kristen Photography is teaming up with Ty Bebe Photography to bring you Halloween mini sessions!

When: Saturday, October 31st in the morning
Where: El Retiro park in Torrance
What: a 30 minute session of your child(ren) in their Halloween costume and a disk of 10-15 high-resolution images
Cost: $25 per session (up to three children per session)

So far we have about ten families interested and are in the process of making the schedule for that day - if you'd like to reserve a spot or have any questions please email me at

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tons of beachy fun!!

Well hello my sad little neglected blog :( As of today I have 24 days worth of graces to post and about 12 client sessions. The next couple that I will be posting just happen to all be beach shoots - different days, different beaches but sandy fun all the same. I met up with this family a couple weeks ago in Redondo and we got REALLY wet trying to capture a great family pic :) Aren't these two little girls the cutest?

some graces:

139 : 365

1. Efficient payroll departments
2. Very helpful benefits people
3. Finding the lens cap I thought I lost and was about to replace
4. Tiny, newborn baby girls
5. Adorable 11 month old brothers

140 : 365

1. Mini sessions in Balboa park :P
2. Super fun 4 year old girls
3. Said 4 year old girl standing behind me making faces at her parents to make them smile while I'm shooting :P
4. Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng - thanks Erica!!
5. The dollar bins at Target - also curtosy of Erica :P Lots of cool stickers for Abby and Hannah Montana/High School Musical stuff for Meg

141: 365

1. Feeding the ducks with Abby
2. Naps on the couch
3. Julie and Julia - cute movie :)
4. Movie dates with my bestest new friend!!
5. Anywhere with Erica and True - always a fun time!!

142 : 365

1. The passing of time - doesn't heal all wounds but does help ease the pain
2. Adorable poodle parties :)
3. Any time spent with family
4. Abby's new words
5. Megan's excitement over her new Pixos :)

I will catch up on my graces a few a day and will be posting tons of pics in the next couple of days so stay tuned!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Casting call!!!

Do you have a newborn and want a free photo shoot??? I'm looking for newborns to add to my portfolio - no older than 14 days. If you are expecting a baby in the next couple of weeks or have a brand new one you're willing to let me shoot please email or call me to set up a shoot - I will include a disk of up to 40 edited images as well :)

New . . .

New bebe that is! And what a cutie he is!! I'm sure his mom and dad have been anxiously awaiting their sneak all day as I've been trying to post this for hours - technology has not been my friend today - my blackberry keeps crashing, yahoo wouldn't let me send an email for hours and my photo sharing program is having issues - argh!!! Since it's way past my bedtime I will update my graces tomorrow and just share a few pics of this gorgeous little guy tonight :)

Wonder where he gets his good looks?? Wonder no more - he's got a great looking set of parents :)

Only four weeks old and look at him hold his head up - he was so strong!!