Saturday, July 18, 2009

A mother's love . . .

I recently met up with my friend and fellow photographer Anna of Ohana Images to take some shots of her for her website and she brought the older of her two sons along to "help" me shoot :P I caught these two pics of them together and loved them - there's something about a mom's bond with her boys . . .

and some graces:

123 : 365

1. That Joe has a new job even if I don't like the hours :(
2. Shooting an old softball friends wedding in January - I am super excited!!
3. No wait at the doctor's today :)
4. Being totally caught up with my laundry
5. Finally catching a pic of one of Abby's expressions that I have been trying to capture for weeks

124 : 365

1. My super great super supportive photog friends - LOVE them
2. That it stays light until after 8:00 - even though I normally love the time of year when it gets dark early 8:00 sundowns make it easy to shoot in the evenings
3. Designing Abby's birthday party invite - I cannot believe my baby niece will be two in just a few weeks - where has the time gone????
4. Talking about my grandpa at family dinners - love keeping his memory alive
5. Catching up on my reading

125 : 365

1. Finding a great sale on Diet Dr. Pepper :D
2. All six full memory cards have been downloaded and backed up - yes I had six 4GB cards full and waiting to be downloaded :P
3. Finding an awesome new shoot location
4. Carnation Instant Breakfast with Light Plain Silk - yummy :)
5. No bills in the mail all week :D


Dave Richards said...

Great shots! Loving the light ;)

Maggie May said...

those shots are so full of love