Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm alive . . .

I think this is the longest I've gone without updating my blog . . . I have been so busy shooting and trying to keep up with my editing that I haven't had time. Add in some computer issues and the fact that I've been feeling pretty crummy the last few days and you get twelve days of no posts :( Which means . . . twelve days of graces coming right up :)

111 : 365

1. Celebrating the 35th birthday of the greatest guy ever :)
2. Friends and family night at the new restaurant Joe is chefing at
3. How cute my baby looks in his work clothes :)
4. An awesome party with Joe's friends from both LA and San Diego
5. Lake days with friends and family

112 : 365

1. Shooting a wedding this weekend with two talented photogs
2. Celebrating 4th of July with our friends the Kelsos :)
3. Catching up with Courtney
4. Location suggestions from photog friends
5. Photo comments by my future wedding photographer :)

113 : 365

1. No kitty messes for a couple days :)
2. Ice Age 3 - super cute movie
3. Seeing pics of my Meggie having a great time in Hawaii - snorkling and paddle boarding and looking gorgeous on the beaches of Kauai
4. Talking to her on the phone and hearing what a great time she's having
5. That she's coming home Friday :)

114 : 365

1. Visiting Nana with Abby
2. How a Johnny Rocket's balloon can entertain Abby for 30 min - makes for some cute pics too :)
3. How much Abby loves her books - we went to Barnes and Noble and she was just in hog heaven
4. Cleaning out the cooler after a lake day and finding three half drank Capri suns that Abby put back in the cooler after opening :P
5. Abby and her cheetos - it's a beautiful thing!

115 : 365

1. Lunch with Erica and True - always a great time!!
2. Joe calling to say he's on his way home from work - I hate his new schedule - I miss him too much :(
3. Emails from mom inviting me to dinner :)
4. An hour wait at the doctor instead of the normal two hour wait
5. Super sweet docs who take the time to really listen

116 : 365

1. Lunch with my favorite sister in law at my favorite place!!
2. William's dad coming to surprise his Nana for her birthday :)
3. Tweets to @kapturedbykris :)
4. James Patterson "Sundays at Tiffany's"
5. Becoming friends with my photography clients :)

117 : 365

1. Long weekend at the lake with my Uncle Steve and Auntie Di coming up soon!
2. Booked a holiday photo shoot for November already :)
3. Haircut appointments with Geri - she's totally awesome if you're looking for a stylist in the south bay!
4. A shoot with the happiest baby ever - he just smiled away the whole time - no prodding needed
5. Coupons!!

118 : 365

1. Having the most supporting, loving, patient boyfriend ever - the fact that he's gorgeous is an added bonus <3
2. Abby's love of anyone's drink but her own :P
3. Tejava unsweetened tea from Trader Joe's - super yummy and cheap too!
4. Junior Mints
5. Black chucks

119 : 365

1. Sales at the Gap!
2. Blackberry IM
3. Suki being silent all day until she hears Joe pull in the driveway - then she starts meowing super loud - she loves him :)
4. Funny profile pics :P
5. Finding a shirt in the very bottom of my laundry pile that I thought I'd lost :)

120 : 365

1. Black gauchos from Old Navy - love them - wear them everywhere :)
2. Only a few months away from my favorite time of year :) I LOVE the holiday season
3. Northrop offering insurance coverage for domestic partners :)
4. Abby "talking" - wish I spoke her language!! :P
5. New black chucks

121 : 365

1. Hearing Joe pull in the driveway after a 12 hour day at work :)
2. Being notified that large orders are being placed for my pics on Zenfolio :)
3. Canvas Cash Sales at Simply Canvas
4. Designing my new business cards :)
5. Working on a super fun advertising idea :)

122 : 365

1. A great price on an awesome pink cooler on wheels :)
2. Evite :)
3. Finally finding shorts that fit and are the right length
4. My farmer's tan from shooting outdoors every weekend :P
5. Making time for the important things in life :)

And because every post must have a picture - here's a recent on of my two favorite peeps - can't believe Abigail will be two in just a couple weeks - the time sure flies!

Lots and lots of client pics coming up so check back soon :)

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Googies Girl said...

Hi Kristen!!
I found you through the mentoring post on Gina's blog! Your a great photog! I'm a photo nut, just starting to learn the ropes! Not a professional at all, but love to learn from you hip Cali chicks!!! I will be following your photo blog! Love your work!
Sending you much love & admiration from Texas!