Friday, July 31, 2009

Tons of graces and an adorable family :)

I have been so busy with editing lately and have tons of pics to share but haven't had the time. I've been dying post this family though - this was by far my easiest family shoot ever - Benjamin was the happiest baby and just smiled the whole time making it super easy to get lots of cute shots. Here are a few of my faves:

Now to catch up on a ton of graces . . .

129 : 365

1. Two years of love, happiness and fun with my beautiful niece Abby
2. A fun birthday dinner at Souplantation
3. Abby's excitement over her presents
4. That Joe had the day off and was able to come to the birthday festivities
5. An Abby Caddaby party for Abby :)

130 : 365

1. A clean bill of health for Suki from the vet
2. Baby gauchos
3. Mini sessions in the park in San Diego
4. Thank you cards from my brides
5. Pancho's

131 : 365

1. Buying cleaning supplies in bulk
2. Losing weight
3. Booked two weddings this week
4. Broccoli cheese soup from Panera - yummmmmm :)
5. Ice cube trays from Karen :P

132 : 365

1. Remembering I have money left on a Hollister gift card from my bday :)
2. Grandma's
3. Thinking about the cat stories my Grandpa and I would be telling if he were still here :(
4. Garage door is finally fixed
5. Coming home to a parking spot open that's NOT under the tree - my car is already covered in sap :(

133 : 365

1. Going to mom's to wrap - she's got tons of wrapping paper and ribbons
2. Chocolate Parfait Nips
3. An abundance of tomatoes from mom's garden
4. Shadow
5. BRC burritos from El Pollo Loco

134 : 365

1. Churros
2. OC Fair
3. "Homesick" by Mercy Me
4. Towels on sale at Target - clean towels are one of my favorite things
5. Candelite

135 : 365

1. The Time Traveler's Wife
2. The Last Juror - John Grisham
3. Looking through old yearbooks
4. A trip to Santa Barbara
5. The park with Abby

136 : 365

1. Booking up for holiday pics :)
2. Sunday afternoon birthday get-togethers
3. My dad trying to pronounce Wow Wow Wubbzy - pretty comical
4. The fact that he even knows what Wow Wow Wubbzy is
5. Quiet Friday nights

137 : 365

1. My first holiday season in my own place coming up - can't wait to decorate!
2. Running into Gina in Manhattan Beach :)
3. Lots of material to upload to my portfolio
4. Networking with other photogs
5. Learning new tricks in Photoshop

138 : 365

1. Shooting a wedding Sunday that one of my besties and her two beautiful girls are in :)
2. Chuck E Cheese birthday parties
3. Huntington Beach engagement sessions
4. Trading sessions
5. Ceiling fans

Lots more pics coming up and I'll try to keep caught up on my graces :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail!!!

I know my poor blog is neglected - I am just way to busy keeping up with editing to post :( Today however is a very special day so I had to come on and say a couple words. I know I have like ten days of graces to post but today I want to recognize one of the most special graces in my life. I have two beautiful nieces - Megan and Abigail. I love them as if they were my own and would do anything for them. Today we celebrated Abby's second birthday with dinner at Souplantation (she LOVES muffin tops and mac n cheese!) and cake back at my brother's house where she got a few of her presents. I cannot believe two years has already passed since this little girl came into my life - she has grown into such a big girl with the cutest little personality. I look forward to watching both Abby and Megan grow and celebrate many many more birthdays. Happy Birthday Abby - Auntie loves you soooo much!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tasha + Chad = Married <3

A while back I had the pleasure of capturing Tasha and Chad's special day. They have been waiting very patiently for their images and I just sent their gallery off to them so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites:

The adorable couple:

Some details:

and even though I was a sweaty pig by the end of the night I had to take a pic with my awesome bride - such a sweetheart!

some graces . . .

126 : 365

1. Patient brides :)
2. Trader Joe's Sparkling Mineral Water
3. A lighthouse wedding this Saturday!
4. Big hugs from Abigail
5. Pulling up to my parents and seeing Megan and Abby running to my car :)

127 : 365

1. Joe has a day off tomorrow
2. Modern medicine
3. Target leggings
4. Swiffer products
5. Roxy sunglasses

128 : 365

1. A super cute invitation for Abby's second birthday party
2. Clients posting links to my site on their Facebooks :)
3. Stocking up on Old Navy flip flops
4. Pureology products
5. Lots of great movies coming out soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A mother's love . . .

I recently met up with my friend and fellow photographer Anna of Ohana Images to take some shots of her for her website and she brought the older of her two sons along to "help" me shoot :P I caught these two pics of them together and loved them - there's something about a mom's bond with her boys . . .

and some graces:

123 : 365

1. That Joe has a new job even if I don't like the hours :(
2. Shooting an old softball friends wedding in January - I am super excited!!
3. No wait at the doctor's today :)
4. Being totally caught up with my laundry
5. Finally catching a pic of one of Abby's expressions that I have been trying to capture for weeks

124 : 365

1. My super great super supportive photog friends - LOVE them
2. That it stays light until after 8:00 - even though I normally love the time of year when it gets dark early 8:00 sundowns make it easy to shoot in the evenings
3. Designing Abby's birthday party invite - I cannot believe my baby niece will be two in just a few weeks - where has the time gone????
4. Talking about my grandpa at family dinners - love keeping his memory alive
5. Catching up on my reading

125 : 365

1. Finding a great sale on Diet Dr. Pepper :D
2. All six full memory cards have been downloaded and backed up - yes I had six 4GB cards full and waiting to be downloaded :P
3. Finding an awesome new shoot location
4. Carnation Instant Breakfast with Light Plain Silk - yummy :)
5. No bills in the mail all week :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm alive . . .

I think this is the longest I've gone without updating my blog . . . I have been so busy shooting and trying to keep up with my editing that I haven't had time. Add in some computer issues and the fact that I've been feeling pretty crummy the last few days and you get twelve days of no posts :( Which means . . . twelve days of graces coming right up :)

111 : 365

1. Celebrating the 35th birthday of the greatest guy ever :)
2. Friends and family night at the new restaurant Joe is chefing at
3. How cute my baby looks in his work clothes :)
4. An awesome party with Joe's friends from both LA and San Diego
5. Lake days with friends and family

112 : 365

1. Shooting a wedding this weekend with two talented photogs
2. Celebrating 4th of July with our friends the Kelsos :)
3. Catching up with Courtney
4. Location suggestions from photog friends
5. Photo comments by my future wedding photographer :)

113 : 365

1. No kitty messes for a couple days :)
2. Ice Age 3 - super cute movie
3. Seeing pics of my Meggie having a great time in Hawaii - snorkling and paddle boarding and looking gorgeous on the beaches of Kauai
4. Talking to her on the phone and hearing what a great time she's having
5. That she's coming home Friday :)

114 : 365

1. Visiting Nana with Abby
2. How a Johnny Rocket's balloon can entertain Abby for 30 min - makes for some cute pics too :)
3. How much Abby loves her books - we went to Barnes and Noble and she was just in hog heaven
4. Cleaning out the cooler after a lake day and finding three half drank Capri suns that Abby put back in the cooler after opening :P
5. Abby and her cheetos - it's a beautiful thing!

115 : 365

1. Lunch with Erica and True - always a great time!!
2. Joe calling to say he's on his way home from work - I hate his new schedule - I miss him too much :(
3. Emails from mom inviting me to dinner :)
4. An hour wait at the doctor instead of the normal two hour wait
5. Super sweet docs who take the time to really listen

116 : 365

1. Lunch with my favorite sister in law at my favorite place!!
2. William's dad coming to surprise his Nana for her birthday :)
3. Tweets to @kapturedbykris :)
4. James Patterson "Sundays at Tiffany's"
5. Becoming friends with my photography clients :)

117 : 365

1. Long weekend at the lake with my Uncle Steve and Auntie Di coming up soon!
2. Booked a holiday photo shoot for November already :)
3. Haircut appointments with Geri - she's totally awesome if you're looking for a stylist in the south bay!
4. A shoot with the happiest baby ever - he just smiled away the whole time - no prodding needed
5. Coupons!!

118 : 365

1. Having the most supporting, loving, patient boyfriend ever - the fact that he's gorgeous is an added bonus <3
2. Abby's love of anyone's drink but her own :P
3. Tejava unsweetened tea from Trader Joe's - super yummy and cheap too!
4. Junior Mints
5. Black chucks

119 : 365

1. Sales at the Gap!
2. Blackberry IM
3. Suki being silent all day until she hears Joe pull in the driveway - then she starts meowing super loud - she loves him :)
4. Funny profile pics :P
5. Finding a shirt in the very bottom of my laundry pile that I thought I'd lost :)

120 : 365

1. Black gauchos from Old Navy - love them - wear them everywhere :)
2. Only a few months away from my favorite time of year :) I LOVE the holiday season
3. Northrop offering insurance coverage for domestic partners :)
4. Abby "talking" - wish I spoke her language!! :P
5. New black chucks

121 : 365

1. Hearing Joe pull in the driveway after a 12 hour day at work :)
2. Being notified that large orders are being placed for my pics on Zenfolio :)
3. Canvas Cash Sales at Simply Canvas
4. Designing my new business cards :)
5. Working on a super fun advertising idea :)

122 : 365

1. A great price on an awesome pink cooler on wheels :)
2. Evite :)
3. Finally finding shorts that fit and are the right length
4. My farmer's tan from shooting outdoors every weekend :P
5. Making time for the important things in life :)

And because every post must have a picture - here's a recent on of my two favorite peeps - can't believe Abigail will be two in just a couple weeks - the time sure flies!

Lots and lots of client pics coming up so check back soon :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here comes the bride . . .

I'm just about finished editing this wedding so there will be lots more to come - stayed tuned for more pics of this beautiful bride and her handsome groom :)


109 : 365

1. Four day weekends :)
2. Reconnecting with an old friend today on Facebook - LOVE Facebook :)
3. Joe started a new job today
4. Funny plumbers - almost makes up for the huge mess they leave behind!!
5. Got a huge order from my lab yesterday - lots of gorgeous prints to mail out tomorrow!!

110 : 365

1. An unexpected check in the mail :)
2. Fried yucca with house italian dressing
3. Fresh fruit salad
4. Swimming with my Abby and Meggie Saturday
5. Albertson's fried chicken