Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super cute twins and a bunch of graces :)

Seems like I'm always playing catch up on this thing - I'm finally catching up on my editing - only two weddings and five more family sessions to go :) I'm also behind six days of graces so I will catch those up now:

096 : 365

1. PB & J Jamz :) Especially yummy when you toast them!
2. Suki sleeping on top of her food container - so there's no way we will forget to feed her :P
3. Two "new client inquiry" emails in my inbox today - referrals from my wonderful clients of course!
4. Four weeks in a row of three day work weeks!
5. Tomorrow is my Friday :)

097 : 365

1. A day this past Sunday to celebrate all of the dads, step-dads, uncles, grandpas, single moms who do the work of two parents and any other family member that acts as a dad :)
2. That I was blessed with the best dad ever, two wonderful, wonderful grandpas - one of which was missed so dearly this father's day (plus a couple adopted grandpas!) and my brother who is an awesome dad to his two beautiful girls :)
3. Relaxing days at the lake - don't see too many relaxing days right now :P
4. Breakfast potlucks at work
5. An awesome facebook friend who keeps doggies from being euthanized due to overcrowding by networking and fostering them - there are some really awesome people in this world

098 : 365

1. Super fun playdates with my awesome new friend and her super cute son :)
2. Finding the perfect supplement for my photo income - no more being stressed about being laid off :)
3. Dinner to celebrate Seannie graduating!!!
4. Megan on her heelys :) (pics to come!)
5. A whole day with Abby coming up :)

099 : 365

1. An awesome shoot with my uncle and his family - love any excuse to see them!!
2. A cancellation that leaves me with one entire day free - a rare occurance these days - what to do?
3. Flip flop tan lines from shooting at the beach every weekend - anyone that knows me knows I don't get any kind of tan line - I'm about as white as they come :)
4. The Gap outlet - one of my favorites :)
5. My cousin is getting married this weekend!!!

100 : 365

1. My daily blog reads that crack me up!
2. New friends :)
3. My Everwood Season 2 dvds came in the mail last week!!! I already have them but the quality is horrible so I'm super excited to watch these when I have some free time (who knows when that will be :( )
4. Megan is out of school for the summer! Time to plan some auntie/niece fun :)
5. People magazine - only one I read :)

101 : 365

1. New Jennifer Weiner book coming out soon - LOVE her books :)
2. Fresh clean sheets :)
3. Cobra health insurance
4. Black chucks - my favorite shoes if I actually have to wear shoes - I wear flip flops 90 percent of the time :P
5. Awesome new photoshop actions :)

Now on to the pics - here's a few of my favorites from a recent shoot with two adorable twins that are about to turn one :)

I have two more twins shoots coming up in the next month so stay tuned for cuteness overload :)

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