Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My favorite girls :)

I wanted to post some new pics of my two favorite girls - Megan and Abby but first I need to catch up on some graces - I am way behind after a busy, busy weekend with five shoots, a whole lot of editing and my birthday dinner with my family :)

Graces . . .

076 : 365

1. My first birthday dinner without my grandpa was sad but I am thankful for the 26 birthdays he was here for <3
2. That I kept my birthday card from my grandparents last year which my grandpa wrote in and I will always keep
3. That our apartment finally feels like home :)
4. Staying caught up on my laundry
5. Finally washing my dirty beast of a car after receiving a pre-paid car wash from my friend for my birthday!

077 : 365

1. Sending out pics of Megan and Abby to their far away family
2. Receiving Coffee Bean gift cards for my birthday :)
3. That my roses from last week are still alive and healthy and blooming beautifully
4. Up - best movie I've seen in a long, long time - a must see for every age!!
5. Bride Wars - also a pretty good movie :)

078 : 365

1. Lunch with Kristen and Kristen :)
2. Receiving a perfect fortune in my fortune cookie
3. Sharing a huge popcorn with Joe :)
4. White cherry icee
5. The Time Of My Life - David Cook

079 : 365

1. Newborn shoot this Friday!!!! I love bebes :)
2. A date with my awesome new photog friend and her adorable son :)
3. Awesome sneak peek of my girls on Gina's blog
4. Short weeks for the next 60 days :)
5. Melon Gatorade

080 : 365

1. Another busy weekend coming up - dinner and a movie with Joe, three parties, four shoots and a shopping trip with mom for my birthday!!
2. Booked two shoots yesterday and a wedding today :)
3. Homemade birthday cards :)
4. A fun gig coming up in Santa Barbara - gonna make a weekend of it :)
5. Three new pairs of flip flops :)

And now a few recent pics of my girls:

Just finished editing two shoots so more pics to come!!

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