Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A look back . . .

Today's post is a little different than normal because I was in Hallmark today buying Father's day cards and it hit me as soon as I walked in the door that I would only be buying one Grandpa card this year :( I realized that I never posted the pics of my Grandpa Stan that I had wanted to - my parents were out of town the week after he passed so I was busy getting things ready for his service . . . but I will post some today. First my graces:

094 : 365

1. That I grew up with two of the greatest grandpas ever (plus a couple adopted ones!) that were involved in my everyday life and never missed an important occasion and were even there for most of the non-important ones :)
2. Sunday dinners at my parent's - this is where most of my recent memories of my Grandpa Stan were made and where all of my recent pics of him were taken
3. That Abby seems to remember Grandpa even though she was so young when he died - she points at the screen and gets excited when I play the slideshow I made for his service
4. That I still think of him and miss him every single day - I don't want to ever forget
5. That from his passing I have developed a relationship with my Uncle Steve and his family - I look forward to them being a part of the rest of my life :)

And now some pics - excuse the quality of some of these - they were old pics I found and uploaded when I made the slideshow for his service:

As a young fellow - wasn't he handsome??

Walking my mom down the aisle <3

Blowing out his candles with my older brother and I - I was probably 7 or 8?

At one of my many piano recitals - I love that he's holding my hand :) Check out my puffy hair :P

Playing ping pong before Thanksgiving dinner - 2002

Dealing blackjack at one of our family parties :)

At my older brother's wedding :)

At his place at our dinner table - still doesn't feel right for anyone else to sit there on Sundays :(

His spot on the porch where he would sit every Sunday and smoke - I can't believe I will never pull in the driveway again on Sunday and see him sitting there :(

With my brothers :)

In Katie's parents backyard for Megan's First Communion celebration

He was quite amused with Abby and Abby with him - she would crawl over to him and they would stare at each other and she would pat his foot :) (see next pic!)

With my Grandma, Megan and Abby at Abby's Baptism

Blowing out his candles with Megan

With Abby at his last birthday celebration with us :(

Just a few of the memories of this wonderful man I was lucky to have in my life for 26 years - I know he's in a better place and I look forward to seeing him again some day and until them will think of him and miss him always.

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