Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love this family :)

I love all of my clients but this particular family was one of my first paying customers and one of my first repeat customers as well :) They have really supported me through the start-up of my business :) You can check out their holiday pictures from last year here. And here are some of my favorites from their recent beach session:

Graces . . .

095 : 365

1. My Seannie is graduating tomorrow!!! How did he get so old?? I remember camping with a little redheaded three year old that called me the "girl with the bumpy hair" - for those of you who have only seen my hair straight - it's naturally super curly :P
2. How cute Natasha looks sleeping in a little ball on the couch while I edit - every time I try to take a pic she wakes up!
3. Slowly getting caught up
4. Finished up editing a shoot with super cute one year old twins :)
5. Going to the mall on my lunch and running into Joe :) I love unexpected lunch dates with my baby <3

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gina lee ~ said...

loving all your recent work Kristen.. you are rock'n it.. great sessions...