Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun at the beach :)

A couple weeks ago I met up with these two cuties at Manhattan Beach for some fun - we had a blast :) Here are some of my favorites:


103 : 365

1. Super fun time at breakfast with my favorite two new friends :)
2. Panera - yummy!!
3. The Proposal - great movie!
4. Going to bed at a decent hour for once
5. and taking an unexpected nap :P

104 : 365

1. Fun photo shoot this morning :)
2. Lunch with Anna and her boys for her birthday :)
3. Dinner at mom's - breakfast burritos!!
4. My cousin is getting married tomorrow - I love weddings!!
5. Shooting a fun first birthday party tomorrow :)

1 comment:

Dave Richards said...

Isn't Manhattan Beach great? Especially love it for kid shoots. They always seem to have such a blast at the beach ;) Great shots!