Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a few more . . .

of my favorites of these two cuties:

and a whole lotta graces . . .

105 : 365

1. My Sister's Keeper - movie was every bit as good as the book - maybe a little sadder though :(
2. Random unplanned movie nights!
3. 27 more calender days until I'm a full-time photog!!
4. 12 more work days until I'm a full-time photog!!
5. Suki and Natasha sleeping all squished together on the couch :)

106 : 365

1. Family pics this Sunday - ALL of my family on my dad's side :)
2. Shooting a one year birthday party for twins this weekend!
3. 4th of July at the Kelso's :)
4. Homemade strawberry rhubarb pie - yummm!
5. Change of plans for Joe's birthday :)

107 : 365

1. Caught up all of my outlook mail today - printed out all the ones that need to be addressed before I leave the company
2. Only one weekend photo slot open in July and one in August - summer's almost completely booked!
3. Two and a half months till Get Tha Funk Out!!
4. A full day of fun with my Abby next week!
5. Planning a lake day with my uncle and his family

108 : 365

1. Attended a beautiful wedding for my cousin and his bride - I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness <3
2. Taking pics at a wedding for fun :)
3. Joe going to see Transformers with my brother - so I'm off the hook!
4. Planning my next free shoot contest :)
5. A semi-relaxing weekend coming up!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun at the beach :)

A couple weeks ago I met up with these two cuties at Manhattan Beach for some fun - we had a blast :) Here are some of my favorites:


103 : 365

1. Super fun time at breakfast with my favorite two new friends :)
2. Panera - yummy!!
3. The Proposal - great movie!
4. Going to bed at a decent hour for once
5. and taking an unexpected nap :P

104 : 365

1. Fun photo shoot this morning :)
2. Lunch with Anna and her boys for her birthday :)
3. Dinner at mom's - breakfast burritos!!
4. My cousin is getting married tomorrow - I love weddings!!
5. Shooting a fun first birthday party tomorrow :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A few more . . .

of this cutie:

and some graces:

102 : 365

1. One of my favorite little portfolio models is turning 3 tomorrow :) Time for new pics!
2. Breakfast with my favorite new friends tomorrow!
3. Finally found a black and white action that I love :)
4. Sunflower seeds and diet Dr. Pepper - can't edit without them!
5. Cake for my birthday today again :) We only celebrate birthdays at work at the end of each month :P

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super cute twins and a bunch of graces :)

Seems like I'm always playing catch up on this thing - I'm finally catching up on my editing - only two weddings and five more family sessions to go :) I'm also behind six days of graces so I will catch those up now:

096 : 365

1. PB & J Jamz :) Especially yummy when you toast them!
2. Suki sleeping on top of her food container - so there's no way we will forget to feed her :P
3. Two "new client inquiry" emails in my inbox today - referrals from my wonderful clients of course!
4. Four weeks in a row of three day work weeks!
5. Tomorrow is my Friday :)

097 : 365

1. A day this past Sunday to celebrate all of the dads, step-dads, uncles, grandpas, single moms who do the work of two parents and any other family member that acts as a dad :)
2. That I was blessed with the best dad ever, two wonderful, wonderful grandpas - one of which was missed so dearly this father's day (plus a couple adopted grandpas!) and my brother who is an awesome dad to his two beautiful girls :)
3. Relaxing days at the lake - don't see too many relaxing days right now :P
4. Breakfast potlucks at work
5. An awesome facebook friend who keeps doggies from being euthanized due to overcrowding by networking and fostering them - there are some really awesome people in this world

098 : 365

1. Super fun playdates with my awesome new friend and her super cute son :)
2. Finding the perfect supplement for my photo income - no more being stressed about being laid off :)
3. Dinner to celebrate Seannie graduating!!!
4. Megan on her heelys :) (pics to come!)
5. A whole day with Abby coming up :)

099 : 365

1. An awesome shoot with my uncle and his family - love any excuse to see them!!
2. A cancellation that leaves me with one entire day free - a rare occurance these days - what to do?
3. Flip flop tan lines from shooting at the beach every weekend - anyone that knows me knows I don't get any kind of tan line - I'm about as white as they come :)
4. The Gap outlet - one of my favorites :)
5. My cousin is getting married this weekend!!!

100 : 365

1. My daily blog reads that crack me up!
2. New friends :)
3. My Everwood Season 2 dvds came in the mail last week!!! I already have them but the quality is horrible so I'm super excited to watch these when I have some free time (who knows when that will be :( )
4. Megan is out of school for the summer! Time to plan some auntie/niece fun :)
5. People magazine - only one I read :)

101 : 365

1. New Jennifer Weiner book coming out soon - LOVE her books :)
2. Fresh clean sheets :)
3. Cobra health insurance
4. Black chucks - my favorite shoes if I actually have to wear shoes - I wear flip flops 90 percent of the time :P
5. Awesome new photoshop actions :)

Now on to the pics - here's a few of my favorites from a recent shoot with two adorable twins that are about to turn one :)

I have two more twins shoots coming up in the next month so stay tuned for cuteness overload :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love this family :)

I love all of my clients but this particular family was one of my first paying customers and one of my first repeat customers as well :) They have really supported me through the start-up of my business :) You can check out their holiday pictures from last year here. And here are some of my favorites from their recent beach session:

Graces . . .

095 : 365

1. My Seannie is graduating tomorrow!!! How did he get so old?? I remember camping with a little redheaded three year old that called me the "girl with the bumpy hair" - for those of you who have only seen my hair straight - it's naturally super curly :P
2. How cute Natasha looks sleeping in a little ball on the couch while I edit - every time I try to take a pic she wakes up!
3. Slowly getting caught up
4. Finished up editing a shoot with super cute one year old twins :)
5. Going to the mall on my lunch and running into Joe :) I love unexpected lunch dates with my baby <3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A look back . . .

Today's post is a little different than normal because I was in Hallmark today buying Father's day cards and it hit me as soon as I walked in the door that I would only be buying one Grandpa card this year :( I realized that I never posted the pics of my Grandpa Stan that I had wanted to - my parents were out of town the week after he passed so I was busy getting things ready for his service . . . but I will post some today. First my graces:

094 : 365

1. That I grew up with two of the greatest grandpas ever (plus a couple adopted ones!) that were involved in my everyday life and never missed an important occasion and were even there for most of the non-important ones :)
2. Sunday dinners at my parent's - this is where most of my recent memories of my Grandpa Stan were made and where all of my recent pics of him were taken
3. That Abby seems to remember Grandpa even though she was so young when he died - she points at the screen and gets excited when I play the slideshow I made for his service
4. That I still think of him and miss him every single day - I don't want to ever forget
5. That from his passing I have developed a relationship with my Uncle Steve and his family - I look forward to them being a part of the rest of my life :)

And now some pics - excuse the quality of some of these - they were old pics I found and uploaded when I made the slideshow for his service:

As a young fellow - wasn't he handsome??

Walking my mom down the aisle <3

Blowing out his candles with my older brother and I - I was probably 7 or 8?

At one of my many piano recitals - I love that he's holding my hand :) Check out my puffy hair :P

Playing ping pong before Thanksgiving dinner - 2002

Dealing blackjack at one of our family parties :)

At my older brother's wedding :)

At his place at our dinner table - still doesn't feel right for anyone else to sit there on Sundays :(

His spot on the porch where he would sit every Sunday and smoke - I can't believe I will never pull in the driveway again on Sunday and see him sitting there :(

With my brothers :)

In Katie's parents backyard for Megan's First Communion celebration

He was quite amused with Abby and Abby with him - she would crawl over to him and they would stare at each other and she would pat his foot :) (see next pic!)

With my Grandma, Megan and Abby at Abby's Baptism

Blowing out his candles with Megan

With Abby at his last birthday celebration with us :(

Just a few of the memories of this wonderful man I was lucky to have in my life for 26 years - I know he's in a better place and I look forward to seeing him again some day and until them will think of him and miss him always.

A few more . . .

of my favorites from my three generations beach shoot I posted yesterday - super cute kiddos huh?? :)

Graces . . .

093 : 365

1. A little closer to being caught up :)
2. Finally going to see Tate on Thursday!!
3. My IM buddy is back at work tomorrow :)
4. Joe and Aaron coming downstairs with me to check the laundry so I don't get kidnapped :)
5. Dinner at BJ's with Joe - just because I was craving spinach dip and pizza :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Three generations . . .

Behind on my graces once again - been drowning in edits this past week but am slowly getting caught up. Here's a favorite from a recent shoot that I'm working on - three generations at the beach:

Graces . . .

089 : 365

1. Mom made it back safely from Alaska
2. Cooking dinner for my family with Joe :)
3. Tri tip, rice, corn, jello and Hawaiian sweet rolls for dinner - yuuummmm :)
4. Brownies - I especially like the crunchy corners :)
5. Abby in her cute new jammies

090 : 365

1. A fun shoot with one of my favorite baby-sitting charges
2. The Hangover - slightly crude but pretty dang funny
3. Worked today so I get to take off Thursday :)
4. IM'ing with Joe while I work in the dining room and he works in his office :P
5. Shopping with Katie :)

091 : 365

1. Twin one year olds - sooooo cute!!
2. Coconut Lime Verbena from Bath and Body
3. A visit from Aaron tomorrow :)
4. Rainbow chip cupcakes :)
5. A chat with Grandma

092 : 365

1. Planning a shoot with MY extended family - our first in over ten years
2. Lake day coming up
3. Get to see my uncle, aunt and cousins this weekend :)
4. A day to celebrate the dads in my life this coming Sunday!
5. A fridge full of yummy fruit from Sam's :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More fun family pics . . .

Here's a few more of my favorites of the cute family I posted day before last:


088 : 365

1. Taking a day off of laundry
2. A fun lunch with friends
3. A shoot every day for five straight days :)
4. Going to bed at a decent hour for once
5. New twitter followers :)

I'm almost done editing my Memorial weekend weddings so stay tuned for those sneak peeks!!

Family fun at the beach . . .

Just finished up another cute family session from last week and wanted to share a few of my favorites - it was a chilly morning but these boys were troopers and we had a blast!!


087 : 365

1. Another productive evening :)
2. Booked two shoots today with repeat clients - I LOVE repeat clients :) :)
3. Tomorrow is my Friday - yay!
4. Blueberries for dinner - yummy :P
5. Joined a great photography forum today - looking forward to talking shop with lots of great photogs!!