Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playing catch up and a cutie :)

I've been a bad blogger this weekend and have gotten behind on my graces. Yesterday was the beginning of lake season for my family so I took the girls down to play in the water before their photoshoot with Gina - took a bad fall as soon as we got there and rolled my ankle but I still managed to get a couple of pics of the girls that I will post later. In the meantime I will catch up on my graces and share a pic of a super cute little guy - the son of an awesome new photog friend of mine :)

062 : 365

1. Lake season!!!!!
2. Family games of Monopoly
3. Strawberry lemonade - Abby loves it!!
4. Photo shoots with Gina :)
5. NOT breaking my ankle when I fell yesterday :)

063 : 365

1. Watching Megan and Abby play in the water
2. Abby in her hat and sunglasses :)
3. Shadow laying with her front paws crossed
4. That nothing in my house was damaged in the earthquake tonight - Joe's poster fell but the glass didn't break :)
5. Two weddings coming up this week :)

064 : 365

1. Two weeks till we celebrate my birthday!
2. Abby's love of Otter pops - they pretty much cure anything in her world :)
3. Diet Dr. Pepper on sale at Target :P
4. Megan and Abby playing with their Littlest Pet Shops
5. Banana Nut Cheerios - yummy :)

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