Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lake Season!!!

My family and I are lake people - my parents rent a space at Lake Elsinore from May to September and we go most weekends to jet ski and play in the water. This past Saturday was the beginning of lake season for us - Joe and I took the girls down to play in the water for a bit before their shoot with Gina - Abby just loved the water this year - played for about an hour before she wanted to get out :) Here's a pic of three of my favorite people in the water :)

Today's graces . . .

066 : 365

1. Tuna on wheat from Subway :)
2. Red Vines :)
3. The awesome new logo that my really cool artist friend Lindsay designed for me!
4. My ankle is healing up nicely - the redness and swelling has gone down
5. New fonts :)

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