Monday, May 18, 2009

I want to be a fireman when I grow up :)

The Saturday before last I had the honor of shooting the cutest birthday party I've ever seen - the guest of honor was turning 2 and all of his family and friends came out to celebrate. The kids were surprised with a visit from a real firetruck and fireman who gave them all rides around the city. I got to ride along as well :) After their rides they got to spray the hose and a couple brave kids ran through the spray and got soaked! Here are a couple of my favorites - the first one is the birthday boys face when he saw the firetruck coming down the street - soooo cute!!

And today's graces . . .

065 : 365

1. Finished editing a big shoot :)
2. Two trips to Target in one day :P
3. Celebrating a friend's birthday
4. Fun quizzes on Facebook
5. Shopping spree with mom coming up for my birthday!!

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