Friday, May 8, 2009

Graces and Joe <3

055 : 365

1. Visiting Joe on my lunch from work
2. The plumber coming to fix our slow drain
3. A sparkling clean bathroom after said plumber made the biggest, greasiest mess ever :P
4. A new little black dress :)
5. That the new little black dress was free - a gift from a friend :)

056 : 365

1. Going to Target with Joe - even though he conveniently disappeared when it was time to pay :P
2. Getting all of my Mother's day shopping done and all my cards out in the mail :)
3. Stopping by my parent's house to visit on the way home - right in time for dinner :)
4. Two photoshoots tomorrow :)
5. A day to celebrate all of the wonderful mom's in my life on Sunday :)

And a recent pic of Joe that I love :)

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