Monday, May 4, 2009

Graces and a couple pics . . .

I'm super busy as usual but wanted to post my graces before I get too far behind and share a few pics from dinner last night at my parents :)

051 : 365

1. Buy one get one half off Princess House!!
2. A free photoshoot contest on Facebook :)
3. Tons of responses to the free photoshoot contest :)
4. External hard drives to back up my zillion pictures
5. My friend Kimmie getting engaged to a wonderful man and asking me to shoot her engagement pics :)

052 : 365

1. Everwood Season 2 coming out on DVD!!
2. My birthday in exactly one month :)
3. Meggie Mondays :)
4. Blog followers from far away lands
5. Spicy Guacamole Pringles - for dinner :P

Abby trying on her new dress-up shoes from Grandma:)

Joe "helping" Megan pass a bunch of levels on Mario :P

Silly Abby in Mommy's sunglasses :P

Watching tv with Daddy <3

And a funny pic Joe and Aaron sent me while they were working tonight that I just had to share ;)

A sneak peek from my wedding last week coming up next :)

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