Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cute Family :)

Monday I had a shoot with the cutest little family at their house - the yard had the most awesome lighting and the living room was like a natural light studio - I can't wait to edit the rest of this shoot - for now here is one of my favorites so far:


072 : 365

1. Tomorrow is my Friday :)
2. One week til my birthday!!
3. My brother's doggie was found after getting out Sunday while we were at the lake
4. Lunch with Court tomorrow
5. Hanging with the kitties while I edit

074 : 365

1. Finally found my Berry Berry Kix - been looking for them everywhere
2. Had a bowl for lunch today at work :)
3. Jammie pants - love Old Navy and Target :)
4. Going to empty the dishwasher and finding that Joe already did it :)
5. Going to empty the dryer and finding that I already did it :P (I'm losing my memory at a young age :P)

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