Friday, May 29, 2009

Big news :)

Remember the super cute family from yesterday?? They're even cuter when you can see their faces:


075 : 365

1. Getting laid off - it's the kick I needed to pursue what I love - as of July 27th I will be a full-time photog :)
2. Encouragement from all of my family and friends :)
3. Breakfast burritos for my birthday dinner on Sunday and then BJ's for my birthday dinner on Thursday - yummy!!!
4. Coming home to roses and sunflower seeds from Joe to cheer me up :P
5. Free photoshoot contests - love them :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cute Family :)

Monday I had a shoot with the cutest little family at their house - the yard had the most awesome lighting and the living room was like a natural light studio - I can't wait to edit the rest of this shoot - for now here is one of my favorites so far:


072 : 365

1. Tomorrow is my Friday :)
2. One week til my birthday!!
3. My brother's doggie was found after getting out Sunday while we were at the lake
4. Lunch with Court tomorrow
5. Hanging with the kitties while I edit

074 : 365

1. Finally found my Berry Berry Kix - been looking for them everywhere
2. Had a bowl for lunch today at work :)
3. Jammie pants - love Old Navy and Target :)
4. Going to empty the dishwasher and finding that Joe already did it :)
5. Going to empty the dryer and finding that I already did it :P (I'm losing my memory at a young age :P)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whole lotta graces :)

This weekend was sooooo busy - I barely had time to sleep let alone post my graces - I had a rehearsal dinner Thursday in San Juan Capistrano, wedding Friday in Dana Point, wedding Saturday in Westlake Village, lake day yesterday in Elsinore and shoot and dinner at my mom's today . . . whew!! I had a blast though - both of the couples I worked with this weekend were wonderful, I had a blast at the lake with my family and Joe and I shot the cutest little family today. Lot's of pics coming up soon from this weekend - here's one of Joe and I that my mom took with my camera (that's my Grandma in the background :P)

and on to the graces:

068 : 365

1. Shooting super fun weddings :)
2. A day to honor all of the men and women who have served our country and have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may remain free
3. An awesome itenerary for my photography workshop in September
4. Lake days with my family and Joe
5. Abby in my mom's glasses :P

069 : 365

1. The few true friends in my life and having cleaned house of the not so true ones
2. My totally awesome customers
3. Pechanga with Joe, Josh, Bryson and grandma
4. Starting my birthday shopping trip early with a trip to the outlets and a couple new pairs of pants from the Gap
5. Paradise cheesecake from King's Hawaiian

070 : 365

1. An upcoming lunch date with Jennifer and Kimberly
2. New 4GB Sandisk Extreme III cards
3. Three day work week this week
4. Hamburgers, potato salad and corn on the cob for dinner - yummmm!!
5. Finally finding a comfortable pair of shoes to shoot in

071 : 365

1. Celebrating my birthday next weekend
2. Seeing Tate Thursday!!
3. Going back to a clean desk tomorrow - caught everything up last week
4. Watching Abby eat watermelon
5. Megan and Joe flying a kite

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Adam + Elise = LOVE :)

Just got back from the rehearsal dinner for the wedding I'm shooting tomorrow - I can't wait!! Adam and Elise are the cutest couple and so much fun - check out the happy pair :)

Graces . . .

067 : 365

1. Couples who are so obviously happy and truly in love
2. Seven shoots next week - good thing it's a three day work week :)
3. Finally got my logo to fit on my site - it was giving me trouble :P
4. My brother and his wife celebrating four years of marriage today <3
5. Lake day Sunday!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Super cute kiddos :)

Just finished up another session with three super cute kids and their parents :) Here are a few of my favorites:

Graces . .

067 : 365

1. Lots of childhood memories of my Uncle Pete - may he rest in peace :(
2. BBQ sunflower seeds
3. Having someone else design my photo album :)
4. Finally meeting Joe's friend Dave :)
5. A quiet night at home . . .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lake Season!!!

My family and I are lake people - my parents rent a space at Lake Elsinore from May to September and we go most weekends to jet ski and play in the water. This past Saturday was the beginning of lake season for us - Joe and I took the girls down to play in the water for a bit before their shoot with Gina - Abby just loved the water this year - played for about an hour before she wanted to get out :) Here's a pic of three of my favorite people in the water :)

Today's graces . . .

066 : 365

1. Tuna on wheat from Subway :)
2. Red Vines :)
3. The awesome new logo that my really cool artist friend Lindsay designed for me!
4. My ankle is healing up nicely - the redness and swelling has gone down
5. New fonts :)

New look :)

In case you didn't notice my header has changed, Kaptured by Kristen has a new look thanks to the talent of a wonderful artist friend of mine - Lindsay Heinzen - check her out, tell her she's great, commission her to draw something wonderful for you too :) Thank you Lindsay for my new look!!!

Comment and let me know how you like it :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

I want to be a fireman when I grow up :)

The Saturday before last I had the honor of shooting the cutest birthday party I've ever seen - the guest of honor was turning 2 and all of his family and friends came out to celebrate. The kids were surprised with a visit from a real firetruck and fireman who gave them all rides around the city. I got to ride along as well :) After their rides they got to spray the hose and a couple brave kids ran through the spray and got soaked! Here are a couple of my favorites - the first one is the birthday boys face when he saw the firetruck coming down the street - soooo cute!!

And today's graces . . .

065 : 365

1. Finished editing a big shoot :)
2. Two trips to Target in one day :P
3. Celebrating a friend's birthday
4. Fun quizzes on Facebook
5. Shopping spree with mom coming up for my birthday!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playing catch up and a cutie :)

I've been a bad blogger this weekend and have gotten behind on my graces. Yesterday was the beginning of lake season for my family so I took the girls down to play in the water before their photoshoot with Gina - took a bad fall as soon as we got there and rolled my ankle but I still managed to get a couple of pics of the girls that I will post later. In the meantime I will catch up on my graces and share a pic of a super cute little guy - the son of an awesome new photog friend of mine :)

062 : 365

1. Lake season!!!!!
2. Family games of Monopoly
3. Strawberry lemonade - Abby loves it!!
4. Photo shoots with Gina :)
5. NOT breaking my ankle when I fell yesterday :)

063 : 365

1. Watching Megan and Abby play in the water
2. Abby in her hat and sunglasses :)
3. Shadow laying with her front paws crossed
4. That nothing in my house was damaged in the earthquake tonight - Joe's poster fell but the glass didn't break :)
5. Two weddings coming up this week :)

064 : 365

1. Two weeks till we celebrate my birthday!
2. Abby's love of Otter pops - they pretty much cure anything in her world :)
3. Diet Dr. Pepper on sale at Target :P
4. Megan and Abby playing with their Littlest Pet Shops
5. Banana Nut Cheerios - yummy :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Graces and snow :)

061 : 365

1. I've been blogged - guess that makes it official - I'm going to pretty much the coolest photography workshop ever :)
2. Watching the Grey's finale with mom <3
3. Bath time with Abby!
4. Finally got all the girl's clothes ready for Saturday
5. Going to check out a new shoot location tomorrow :)

and a pic from Joe's last snowboarding trip of the season - it started snowing pretty hard right before we left especially considering it was mid-April:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Graces and another sneak :)

Getting further and further behind on editing but I have a bit of a reprieve now until Sunday so I should catch up in no time. In the meantime here's a pic from my shoot this evening - more of these cuties to come:

And todays graces . . .

060 : 365

1. Meeting a new friend - she's an excellent photog too!!
2. Tomorrow is my Friday at work
3. Super excited for the girls shoot with Gina on Saturday - I almost have their clothes ready!!
4. Finding an old pic of my Grandpa that I don't remember taking or ever seeing - I miss him . . .
5. Cozy sweatpants

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Graces and a cute kid :)

Taking a break from editing to bring you an adorable little kool-aid faced cutie from my last wedding:

and some graces :)

059 : 365

1. Having Joe home safe and sound <3
2. Life Ain't Always Beautiful by Gary Allan - because well . . . it ain't
3. Super friendly stranger photogs
4. Twitter
5. Squeaky clean floors :P

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lots coming up :)

I'm in the middle of editing a wedding, a birthday party and two family shoots with three more shoots coming up this week so as you can see I'm super busy but I don't want to get behind on my graces so I must post :)

058 : 365

1. Remembering that I started my blog first :P
2. A quiet night home with the kitties
3. That my car was okay after being backed into today - the guy was going like one mile an hour - didn't even scratch my car but shook my up just the same
4. Finally responded to all of the emails in my inbox that required responses
5. Only three more days of work this week :)

And a pic from the really awesome birthday party I shot Saturday - more to come :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Graces and a sneek :)

057 : 365

1. My wonderful mommy and all of the other wonderful mommies in my life <3
2. Cooking Mother's Day dinner with Joe
3. Ice cream cake from Coldstone - yummy :)
4. Abby looking like a mini version of my Grandma in her dress and slip ons :P
5. Getting some rest today

058 : 365

1. Finding some new books for dad
2. Catching up on my personal pics and sending them out to everyone
3. Riding on a real fire truck :)
4. Photoshoot with an old friend on Wednesday
5. Shooting the cutest birthday party ever yesterday

And more of this adorable family to come . . .

Friday, May 8, 2009

Graces and Joe <3

055 : 365

1. Visiting Joe on my lunch from work
2. The plumber coming to fix our slow drain
3. A sparkling clean bathroom after said plumber made the biggest, greasiest mess ever :P
4. A new little black dress :)
5. That the new little black dress was free - a gift from a friend :)

056 : 365

1. Going to Target with Joe - even though he conveniently disappeared when it was time to pay :P
2. Getting all of my Mother's day shopping done and all my cards out in the mail :)
3. Stopping by my parent's house to visit on the way home - right in time for dinner :)
4. Two photoshoots tomorrow :)
5. A day to celebrate all of the wonderful mom's in my life on Sunday :)

And a recent pic of Joe that I love :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grace in the small things . . .

054 : 354

1. True friends - they are definitely hard to find
2. Loving, supportive boyfriends
3. The spanish version of the gummy bear song that Tate and I found tonight - super cute!!
4. Two more days until the weekend
5. Meeting new photog friends :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LeAnn + Josh = Married :)

Just wanted to share a few pics from the wedding I shot week before last in San Diego - it was a beautiful, intimate backyard wedding:

And today's graces:

053 : 365

1. BJ's spinach dip and chocolate chip pizookie
2. Ranch sunflower seeds
3. Second chances
4. Phone calls from mom :)
5. Hallmark

Monday, May 4, 2009

Graces and a couple pics . . .

I'm super busy as usual but wanted to post my graces before I get too far behind and share a few pics from dinner last night at my parents :)

051 : 365

1. Buy one get one half off Princess House!!
2. A free photoshoot contest on Facebook :)
3. Tons of responses to the free photoshoot contest :)
4. External hard drives to back up my zillion pictures
5. My friend Kimmie getting engaged to a wonderful man and asking me to shoot her engagement pics :)

052 : 365

1. Everwood Season 2 coming out on DVD!!
2. My birthday in exactly one month :)
3. Meggie Mondays :)
4. Blog followers from far away lands
5. Spicy Guacamole Pringles - for dinner :P

Abby trying on her new dress-up shoes from Grandma:)

Joe "helping" Megan pass a bunch of levels on Mario :P

Silly Abby in Mommy's sunglasses :P

Watching tv with Daddy <3

And a funny pic Joe and Aaron sent me while they were working tonight that I just had to share ;)

A sneak peek from my wedding last week coming up next :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Only graces . . .

049 : 365

1. That my sister in law and niece made it back safely from Colorado
2. That my mom made it back safely from San Jose
3. Gatorade
4. Peanut butter and jelly
5. Looking at old pictures

050 : 365

1. Suki crying in the window for Joe when she hears him pull up
2. Making it out of Target with only one thing :P
3. 24 packs of Diet Dr Pepper
4. Abby dancing to Jack's Big Music Show
5. If Tomorrow Never Comes - Garth Brooks

No pic tonight - too lazy to look for one :P

Friday, May 1, 2009

Days behind again . . .

I'm a few days behind on my graces - been so busy editing and booking shoots :) Wanted to share a few from my session last week with two adorable brothers - they were soooo cute:

And a few days graces :)

046 : 365

1. Meeting an awesome author at a book signing :)
2. Finally meeting a blog friend in person :)
3. A super great week with Joe <3
4. Ian's frozen chicken sandwiches with mayo and havarti - yum!!
5. Oh Say Can You Say by Dr. Seuss

047 : 365

1. An interview for a cool side job :)
2. Joe playing a COUNTRY song while he shaves :P
3. Two more weeks till lake season starts!!
4. A new book - I LOVE new books
5. Finding some super cute outfits for the girls pics with Gina

048 : 365

1. A full cupboard of freshly washed towels
2. Watching a great Grey's Anatomy with Joe, Suki and Natasha :P
3. Satisfied customers :)
4. Satisfied customers who refer all of their friends :)
5. Sending in my Get Tha Funk Out questionnaire - so excited!!!

Many, many more pics to come :)