Monday, April 6, 2009

Two days of graces . . .

I didn't have time to do my graces yesterday - Katie and I took the girls to ride the train at Wilson park, play on the playground and then to lunch and then I had a photoshoot with an awesome family and then it was on to my family dinner at my mom's. Didn't get home till after 11:00 because I was watching the ACM's on my mom's couch :) So here they are:

027 : 365

1. A nice young dad pointing out to Katie and I that Abby had just stuffed a handful of sand in her mouth :P
2. Free train rides at Wilson!!
3. New clients :)
4. Country music - I especially like "Shuttin Detroit Down" right now - pretty much sums it up
5. Brownies - I like the butt (the crunchy corner :P)

028 : 365

1. Twin two year olds and their adorable brother :)
2. Fresh oil and new brakes in my car - no more squeaking!!
3. Brothers who pay for above when you need them desperately but can't afford them :P
4. Friends who drop what they're doing and come pick you up when you have to leave your car at the shop
5. Boyfriends who understand what a crummy day it's been :(

And because she doesn't grace my blog nearly often enough - my beautiful Meggie moo:

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