Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crazy weekend . . .

I had a busy busy week last week and even busier weekend - shot a beautiful wedding yesterday in San Diego and then went to Redlands today for my mentoring with Gina Lee - I had a blast and learned a ton. Gina recruited the cutest little model for our practice shoot - here's a couple of my favorites so far:

I'll post more another day - going to bed early tonight :)

But first to catch up on my graces:

041 : 365

1. An awesome present from my friend at work - a whole box of my Fantasia glasses from Princess House
2. Losing my work badge and actually remembering where I last saw it :P
3. A fun Friday night with Joe and my two favorite girls
4. Waking up next to a sleeping Abby :)
5. The crazy bedhead Abby has when she wakes up :P

042 : 365

1. Taking Abby to visit her great-grandma
2. Learning a valuable lesson - never go through the McDonald's drive thru with Abby in the car unless you are coming out with french fries on the other side - I didn't realize she recognized the McDonald's drive thru when I stopped to get breakfast this morning :P
3. Soup and sandwich lunch from Panera - yummy!!
4. Walking to lunch on a beautiful day
5. Learning to shoot in manual mode!!

043 : 365

1. A fun, fun day with an awesome photog
2. Super cute models with awesome wardrobes
3. Making it home in time for dessert with my family :)
4. Frosted Mini Wheats
5. Ice Blended Mochas from Coffee Bean :)

044 : 365

1. Learning some cool tricks in Photoshop
2. A four day work week coming up - with a relaxing Friday off planned
3. A care package from mom with a few of my favorite things in it :)
4. Littlest Pet Shop - keeps both of my nieces occupied for hours :P
5. Target with Abby - she inspects everything you hand her and then throws it over her shoulder into the cart :P

I have a ton of pics to catch up on this week so I should be able to keep up with my graces for a change :)

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