Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy busy :)

Well I'm still working on the wedding pics I thought I'd be done with a couple days ago but hopefully tomorrow :) In the meantime my workload is backing up a bit which is a good thing - means lots of business :) So with the backload plus my two shoots this week, I'll be busy busy this week catching up. In the meantime wanted to share a couple from my shoot from the adorable boys that go with the super cute feet below :)


032 : 365

1. Spending Easter with my family - although I was painfully aware of my Grandpa's absence the whole day - I just can't get used to the holidays without him :(
2. Watching Abby hunt her eggs and then stop to open each one before going on to the next
3. Cooking dinner with Joe :)
4. Family poker games after dinner
5. Cleaning and putting my house back together after cramming 14 people in my living room :)

033 : 365

1. Emails full of compliments from clients :)
2. TWO lattes in one day - making up for lost time :P
3. Listening to my new country mix while working on my pics :)
4. Not coming in to 1,000 work emails today after being out last Friday - must have been a lot of people off with me :P
5. Playing "I'm going to try to run you over with my trike" with Tate - that's what he calls it!! :P

Many many more pics ( and graces!) coming up!! :) :)

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