Monday, April 27, 2009

Graces and lots of pics :)

I just finished looking through my pics from my practice shoot with Gina yesterday and wanted to share some more of my favorites - I couldn't choose so I'm just sharing a bunch :)

Now on to the graces:

045 : 365

1. Watching Natasha chase the light from a flashlight
2. The dryer coming back to life after I thought it was dead - tried to turn it on at 6:30 and it wouldn't come on - tried again at 9:00 and it came on :)
3. Feel good family shows like my Everwood :(
4. Fig Newtons :)
5. Encouragement from an awesome photog :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crazy weekend . . .

I had a busy busy week last week and even busier weekend - shot a beautiful wedding yesterday in San Diego and then went to Redlands today for my mentoring with Gina Lee - I had a blast and learned a ton. Gina recruited the cutest little model for our practice shoot - here's a couple of my favorites so far:

I'll post more another day - going to bed early tonight :)

But first to catch up on my graces:

041 : 365

1. An awesome present from my friend at work - a whole box of my Fantasia glasses from Princess House
2. Losing my work badge and actually remembering where I last saw it :P
3. A fun Friday night with Joe and my two favorite girls
4. Waking up next to a sleeping Abby :)
5. The crazy bedhead Abby has when she wakes up :P

042 : 365

1. Taking Abby to visit her great-grandma
2. Learning a valuable lesson - never go through the McDonald's drive thru with Abby in the car unless you are coming out with french fries on the other side - I didn't realize she recognized the McDonald's drive thru when I stopped to get breakfast this morning :P
3. Soup and sandwich lunch from Panera - yummy!!
4. Walking to lunch on a beautiful day
5. Learning to shoot in manual mode!!

043 : 365

1. A fun, fun day with an awesome photog
2. Super cute models with awesome wardrobes
3. Making it home in time for dessert with my family :)
4. Frosted Mini Wheats
5. Ice Blended Mochas from Coffee Bean :)

044 : 365

1. Learning some cool tricks in Photoshop
2. A four day work week coming up - with a relaxing Friday off planned
3. A care package from mom with a few of my favorite things in it :)
4. Littlest Pet Shop - keeps both of my nieces occupied for hours :P
5. Target with Abby - she inspects everything you hand her and then throws it over her shoulder into the cart :P

I have a ton of pics to catch up on this week so I should be able to keep up with my graces for a change :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another cute little blond :)

I had another great session yesterday with a super cute little blue-eyed blond - here's a few of my favorites :)

And todays graces:

040 : 365

1. A nice long shower after becoming "one" with nature :P
2. Making it through the first round of layoffs
3. Brothers sessions :)
4. Going to see my favorite three year old tomorrow :)
5. My Canon 5D - AWESOME camera :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soooo cute!!

The gallery is uploading as I type this but I had to share few of my favorites of this 9 month old cutie from our shoot at the park:

And my graces for this lovely Tuesday:

039 : 365

1. Weekends full of photography fun - shooting a wedding and having a one on one with Gina this weekend :)
2. Seven Pounds - what a great movie
3. Lightscribe
4. Chicken nuggets with ranch and ketchup :)
5. A sweet boyfriend who made a second trip to the market in two days to buy my cereal :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chuggin along . . .

I'm still plugging away at my backlog of pics - taking a break to bring you todays graces . . .

038 : 365

1. Stopping to visit my parents on the way home
2. Booking THREE sessions in one day :)
3. Hot, sunny days - means jet-skiing season is right around the corner!!
4. Mellow mondays at work
5. My nieces coming for an overnight Friday :)

And a pic - more of this cutie to come!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catching up . . . again . . .

I'm about four sessions behind right now but wanted to take a break to catch up on my graces:

035 : 365

1. Learning that I don't really listen - if you are interpreting while someone is speaking you are not listening to them
2. A sweet email from my mommy
3. IM'ing with my cousin :)
4. Guilianos :)
5. Baby Goldfish crackers :P

036 : 365

1. A long bike ride on the strand with Joe
2. Running into some old friends
3. Double features :)
4. Knowing that if I had my life to do over I wouldn't - I had a wonderful childhood, have grown from every event that has happened in my life - good and bad, I love my life now and am excited for the future :)
5. Spending a relaxing day with Joe <3

037 : 365

1. Putting the LAST load of laundry in the dryer
2. A stroll with Emily :)
3. Coupons :)
4. Grocery Game
5. Being trusted with a REALLY awesome secret :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Graces . . .

034 : 365

1. Done with my wedding pics :)
2. My computer is okay after I dropped it in the street this morning :S
3. White chocolate dream iced blended with soy from Coffee Bean :)
4. Going to Coffee Bean for the first time today in 50 days and seeing all my old friends - that's also where I met Joe :)
5. Tate saying he likes my laugh and trying to immitate it :)

And a few more pics from my last wedding:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Graces . . .

033 : 365

1. A shoot with an adorable 2 year old AND a meeting with a potential bride tonight :)
2. Watching Matt and Maddy on Oprah featuring pics by my favorite photog Gina Lee and video by her husband Chris :)
3. Dinner at El Rocoto - one of my favorites :)
4. Two more days of work this week!
5. Referrals from friends :)

And a pic from Sunday of one of my favorite girls hunting eggs with Grandma and daddy :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy busy :)

Well I'm still working on the wedding pics I thought I'd be done with a couple days ago but hopefully tomorrow :) In the meantime my workload is backing up a bit which is a good thing - means lots of business :) So with the backload plus my two shoots this week, I'll be busy busy this week catching up. In the meantime wanted to share a couple from my shoot from the adorable boys that go with the super cute feet below :)


032 : 365

1. Spending Easter with my family - although I was painfully aware of my Grandpa's absence the whole day - I just can't get used to the holidays without him :(
2. Watching Abby hunt her eggs and then stop to open each one before going on to the next
3. Cooking dinner with Joe :)
4. Family poker games after dinner
5. Cleaning and putting my house back together after cramming 14 people in my living room :)

033 : 365

1. Emails full of compliments from clients :)
2. TWO lattes in one day - making up for lost time :P
3. Listening to my new country mix while working on my pics :)
4. Not coming in to 1,000 work emails today after being out last Friday - must have been a lot of people off with me :P
5. Playing "I'm going to try to run you over with my trike" with Tate - that's what he calls it!! :P

Many many more pics ( and graces!) coming up!! :) :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Behind as usual :)

031 : 365

1. Calls from Dad saying they're taking everyone to dinner :)
2. Mom lending me the deposit to attend possibly the coolest photography workshop EVER!!
3. Lodging while Joe snowboards :)
4. Catching up on my mountain of laundry
5. Afternoon naps :)

032 : 365

1. Fun morning photoshoots at the park
2. Twitter
3. Shopping for our first Easter dinner at our place
4. Recipes from mom (that I'm going to try not to ruin :P)

and a couple pics from my last snowboarding trip with Joe (he snowboards - I lodge :P):

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Graces and feet . . .

030 : 365

1. Listening to Joe and Aaron joke around - they crack me up!!
2. Washing my car finally although the bird poop didn't really come off (I can just hear my Grandpa telling me how the bird poop will eat through my paint - he would be apalled at the state of my car :P)
3. Otter pops :)
4. Comments on my blog from far away wedding photographers :)
5. Totally awesome girls only weekend photography retreats :)

And a pic from my shoot last Sunday :)

Some more wedding pics and graces . . .

I didn't have a chance to get online last night but I am continuing to work on my wedding pics from last Saturday and wanted to share a few of my favorites so far:


030 : 365

1. Banana Crisps from Trader Joes :)
2. Lunch with a long time friend :)
3. Vanilla nut fudge from See's (kind of on a food kick - can you tell I'm hungry?? :P)
4. Midnight Pomegranate lotion from Bath and Body works
5. My cube at work filled with tons of pics of all the people I love <3

I'm going to finish up my wedding pics tonight so I'll probably post a few more later :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Graces . . .

029 : 365

1. My belief in a higher power and a life beyond this one where I will see my Grandpa again - I especially miss him today :(
2. FOUR days till lattes!!
3. Editing my wedding pics and the bride and groom look SOOO happy in all of them :)
4. The dryer seems to be fixed for now :)
5. Souplantation (specifically blueberry muffins from Souplantation :P)

And a pic from the wedding I shot last Saturday - she was taking a pic of me :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Two days of graces . . .

I didn't have time to do my graces yesterday - Katie and I took the girls to ride the train at Wilson park, play on the playground and then to lunch and then I had a photoshoot with an awesome family and then it was on to my family dinner at my mom's. Didn't get home till after 11:00 because I was watching the ACM's on my mom's couch :) So here they are:

027 : 365

1. A nice young dad pointing out to Katie and I that Abby had just stuffed a handful of sand in her mouth :P
2. Free train rides at Wilson!!
3. New clients :)
4. Country music - I especially like "Shuttin Detroit Down" right now - pretty much sums it up
5. Brownies - I like the butt (the crunchy corner :P)

028 : 365

1. Twin two year olds and their adorable brother :)
2. Fresh oil and new brakes in my car - no more squeaking!!
3. Brothers who pay for above when you need them desperately but can't afford them :P
4. Friends who drop what they're doing and come pick you up when you have to leave your car at the shop
5. Boyfriends who understand what a crummy day it's been :(

And because she doesn't grace my blog nearly often enough - my beautiful Meggie moo:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

In love with love . . .

I just got back from shooting a beautiful wedding in Carlsbdad - the bride was stunning and the wedding was just planned perfectly with the cutest little details and a great color scheme. I just downloaded the pics but haven't had time to look through them so I'll leave you with one for now - more of this gorgeous bride to come!


026 : 365

1. LOVE <3
2. Shoulder massages from Joe after carrying my heavy camera bag around all day
3. A visit with friends in San Clemente
4. Taking Megan and Abby to ride the train at Wilson tomorrow
5. Fun pics in a photo booth

Joe and I took some funny pics in the photo booth at the wedding - I will scan and upload one for you guys to see :P

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Graces . . .

025 : 365

1. Shooting a wedding tomorrow - I LOVE weddings and LOVE photography so it's the best of both worlds :)
2. Got most of my errands run today
3. Pretty pink flowers on my dining table from Joe :)
4. Lunch dates with former bosses turned friends :)
5. That Suki is feeling better today - she was a little sick yesterday :(

And a pic of Megan and Joe gameboying which they do every Sunday at dinner :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Graces Catch-up

024 : 365

1. Sam's club
2. Phone calls from Dad informing me that my Princess House goodies have arrived!!
3. Payday
4. Hosting my first family dinner at my new place :)
5. Freshly mopped floors

And this is quite possible my favorite pic of Abby so far that I have taken - I love her smile and her little dress :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some more park pics . . .

Here are a few more of my favorites from my shoot with my friend and her girls at the park :)

And today's graces . . .

023 : 365

1. Scheduling a shoot for the girls with my favorite photog - Gina Lee :)
2. Watching a fun video with Tate
3. Seeing my pics posted on Facebook - not my Facebook!!
4. Speaking of Facebook - reconnecting with old friends and classmates and making new friends :)
5. Lunch with Kristen!