Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Graces :)

A little behind on the graces - I had a super busy weekend including three shoots (to be blogged soon), two movies, dinner out with my mom, Grandma and Joe, some fun with my little friend Tate, a Princess House party and my nieces :) So here are the weekends graces:

012 : 365

1. Another shoot with an old classmate/softball teammate :)
2. SPF 15 chapstick
3. My Sedu Pro Ceramic straighting iron that tames my wild hair :P
4. Abby always wanting to be pushed in her baby doll's stroller - wheels buckling and all :P
5. Leaving Target with everything I came for and nothing else :P (I normally walk around and by wayyyy more than I came for and forget something I needed)

013 : 365

1. Credit to buy Princess House products :)
2. Falling asleep on the couch with Joe :)
3. A super fun blustery shoot with a friend and her beautiful family
4. No laundry all weekend :P
5. Watching Megan and Joe "Gameboy" at the table all night

And a pic:

Megan with said Gameboy (playing with her friend Mia - one of my favorite little models!)

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