Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Graces . . .

I just got home from shooting an event as a favor for a friend - it wasn't a paid gig - wasn't even a portfolio builder due to confidentiality issues but it was a lot of fun and it was a real feel-good event. It showed me that some people, when given the opportunity to turn their life around, will not only take it but they will take it and run with it. And that your past does not necessarily dictate your future. Anyhow - enough lecture - on to the graces:

015 : 365

1. Fun filled, feel-good evenings :)
2. Second chances
3. Free second shooters (thanks Joe!) :P
4. A backlog of photos to edit (means business is booming :P)
5. Super funny videos on Facebook

And a couple pictures of Abby from the weekend - I found her and Megan listening to their ipod on Grandma's bed, then Abby wanted to listen to it by herself and then she apparently decided it was a phone :P

Some more pics coming up!!


hopeful #1 said...

Thanks for checking back to give me the update! I think that it's great that you're on the band wagon with those things and the graces are so much fun to read!!!

These pictures of your girls is just hilarious! How cute is she to hold the ipod up to her ear like it's a phone! Darling!

.:OhanaImages:. said...

how funny :) very cute... dont u jus wanna kiss em up! :P