Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joe's 101 Things in 1,001 Days

Looks like we are going to be very busy - Joe created his own 101 Things to do in 1,001 days list :) Here it is:


1. Have at least half of my debt paid off
2. Lose 15 lbs. and keep them off
3. Have a video & photography website with Kristen
4. Finish 2 screenplays (0/2)
5. Write and finish 2 songs (0/2)
6. Clean and organize my garage
7. Go on a cruise
8. Begin production on a film as a producer, writer, and/or director
9. Own a Mac Book Pro
10. Help someone achieve something they think is impossible
11. Help a non-profit serve meals on a holyday
12. Have flowers on the table for 2 months straight for Kristen
13. Wash my car
14. Call my mom twice a week at least twice a month
15. Call my mom once a week twice a month
16. Go to church at least once every other month
17. Give up a bad habit (bad habit TBD)
18. Ride my bike at least twice a week
19. Do something really nice for Kristen that nobody has ever done for her or anybody she knows and I’ve never done for anyone
20. Spend 3 entire days with Kristen without anything electronic (0/3)
21. Go on a snowboarding trip
22. Attend a worldwide sports event (World Cup, Olympics, etc)
23. Learn to roller blade
24. Watch an opera (The Marriage of Figaro preferably)
25. Go to 4 classical music concerts (at least one of Mozart) (0/4)
26. Go to a World Series game
27. Go to an L.A. Galaxy game
28. Go to an NBA game
29. Go to the beach at least 5 times with Kristen each summer (0/15)
30. Help a child build something special
31. Kiss Kristen every day for no reason (2/1001)
32. Go to Asia
33. Hike at least once a month
34. Watch Citizen Cane, Casablanca and Amadeus again
35. Go to New York
36. Do something I’ve never done
37. Finish the entire New Super Mario Bros. game, collect all the stars and find all the secret exits
38. Do something outdoors with Kristen at least twice a month
39. Go to a Bon Jovi concert
40. Attend the taping of a TV show
41. Buy something for Kristen just because
42. Go to Canada
43. Watch a movie with Kristen at the Cemetery in Los Angeles
44. Feed a homeless person
45. Buy a movie ticket for a stranger
46. Have a game night once a month (0/34)
47. Go snorkeling
48. Go to Africa
49. Go to a country music concert with Kristen
50. Take piano lessons
51. Get rid of all the clothes I don’t use anymore
52. Teach Kristen how to cook one dish
53. Learn from Kristen how to cook one dish
54. Participate in a benefit concert
55. Not say anything negative for an entire day
56. Go to Disneyland
57. Got to Disney’s California Adventure
58. Go to Mammoth, Lake Tahoe or a similar mountain
59. Go to Las Vegas
60. Go ice skating
61. Purge my laptop of crap I don’t need or want anymore
62. Watch all three Matrix films
63. Ride a bike from San Francisco to San Juan in Mexico
64. Go to 3 wine tastings (0/3)
65. Take a road trip
66. Call a friend I haven’t talked to in at least 5 years
67. Go 4 for 4 in a softball game
68. Pitch an entire softball game
69. Email pictures from softball games to the players
70. Not complain about anything for an entire day
71. Go to a water park
72. Rescue an animal
73. Work harder than I have lately
74. Drink healthier drinks
75. Buy a Starbucks or Coffee Bean coffee for a stranger
76. Give Natasha and Suki a bath
77. Ride a roller coaster I haven’t riden
78. Sleep more than 8 hours one day
79. Help a relative with a problem
80. Finish this list
81. Visit my family at least twice (0/2)
82. Play outfield an entire softball game
83. Finish decorating our apartment
84. Fix the frame for my FISTS poster
85. Learn Logic Pro
86. Audit York Entertainment
87. Re-do my taxes for the last 3 years -Sorry Kristen 
88. Get a full physical exam
89. Complete the “Couch to 5K” with Kristen
90. Help Megan finish her New Super Mario Bros game
91. Show Megan at least 5 tricks on the game - see 90 (0/5)
92. Work with Deb at least 5 days (0/5)
93. Update
94. Finish the videography website
95. Re-master and or re-record 3 of Big MF’s songs
96. Watch the footage of the “Changes” video
97. Pray everyday
98. Give $10 to charity for every one of these not completed
99. Propose to Kristen (hopefully once she reads this she wont take it for granted ;) )
100. Marry Kristen (see note above)
101. Make a baby with Kristen (MAKE, didn’t say HAVE, yet)

I especially like the last three :) Luckily some of ours overlap which should help us complete all of them :)

And here's my graces for the day since tonight is "no internet night" :P

010 : 365

1. Thursdays that are my Fridays :)
2. Three photoshoots in one weekend :)
3. 7-layer dip :)
4. Being all caught up at work!!
5. Making an amazon wish list of all the camera goodies I want to buy or receive as presents (hint hint :P)

And a pic - an old favorite of mine - my mommy, Megan and I :)

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