Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I told you I had the most amazing boyfriend ever . . .

Again for no reason . . . and this time my favorite color :)

These are actually a great start to something new I'm going to do on my blog - Grace in the Small Things. Basically I'm going to list five things per day that I am grateful for - either something from that day or from my life as a whole. Piece of cake right?? Try it today :)

001 : 365 Days

1. My sweet, gorgeous, loving, generous, thoughtful, funny boyfriend
2. Flowers for no reason :)
3. Coming home to the above :)
4. Catching Natasha when she escaped out the door tonight (otherwise number one wouldn't have been so loving anymore :P)
5. My beautiful new home

Most of you know I moved a couple months ago and it has been a stretch financially for me - plus about a week after I moved my company announced that it will be doing massive layoffs in a few months so now I am in danger of losing my job as well. That said it has been difficult to remember all of the little things in my life that I am grateful for - I think this will be a wonderful activity to refresh my memory :)

And some pics coming up next :)


Joe S said...
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Joe S said...

You are so funny baby, I like number 4. I love you

Joe S said...
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