Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grace in the small things . . .

017 : 365

1. Parmesan Goldfish crackers - yummmm!!!
2. Grey's Anatomy tonight!!
3. The picture of Grandpa and Abby to the left of my computer that I look at a million times a day - sometimes it makes me cry and sometimes it makes me smile - either way I am grateful that I have it.
4. Texting with Joe while he's in San Diego
5. Realizing that it's Thursday and not Wednesday like I've been thinking all day :P Closer to the weekend then I thought!!

And some pics - these are old but I LOVE them - I took them while I had the girls at the lake - I used to let Abby suck on the bottom of an unopened soda can when she was teething but the first one looks like she drank it and is saying "mmmm good" and the other looks like she's about to sneak a drink - soooo cute :P

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