Monday, March 16, 2009

Almost caught up . . .

I've been working on catching up on my personal pics the last couple days - I just finished my niece's 9th birthday pics - she had a Build A Bear party with her friends on a Friday after school and then Sunday night we had pie at my house to celebrate her birthday and my grandpa's:

And a pic of Abby that I love - she likes to look at herself in my mom's mirror - she's making a funny face in this one :)

Grace in the small things:

007 : 365

1. Busy billing days that make the hours fly by at work :)
2. Venti Chai Lattes w/soy from Starbucks
3. 28 days left of Lent before I can have number 2 :)
4. Working on my laptop at the table with Joe next to me working on his laptop :P
5. A full fridge from our trip to the market tonight :)

William's birthday coming up next - trying to get caught up before my two shoots this weekend!

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