Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend wrap-up :)

This was a pretty mellow weekend for me - Saturday I ran a few errands with my mom and she bought me some things for our new place - silverware and shelf liner - exciting :) Then I went to Ikea and bought a few more things - can't really buy anything big until Joe gets home to voice his opinion - that's half the fun of moving in together :) Saturday night I watched my brother's bosses little boy while they went out - he was super cute and really good - he can come back anytime :) Today I went to Target and bought some cleaning supplies - we will be painting and cleaning next weekend in preperation of moving in. Then I took Megan and Abby to McDonald's and to visit William's Nana which is always nice - Abby was super cute at McDonald's - she would take a bite of chicken nugget and then try to feed a bite to the stuffed dog that came in her happy meal :P I met with a new client this afternoon and am super excited about her upcoming event :) Here are a few pics from today:

And one of my cute little date from Saturday night:

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